15 Best Alcohol Advent Calendars 2021 for Whiskey, Wine, and Liquor Lovers

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A boozy advent calendar is nothing more than an excuse to diversify your drinking portfolio. And at the holidays, this is crucial. That single glass of Pinot you nurse once the kids go to bed may work on a Tuesday in March, but it isn’t exactly celebratory. The go-to single malt on your bar cart might be exceptional, sure, but you’ve got its tasting notes down pat, so it isn’t really alive with merriment. And any can or bottle out of a pack—be it seltzer, beer, or an otherwise carbonated alcoholic beverage—is just one of six, or one of 12, or one of 24. Nothing to claim festiveness over.

So, an advent calendar for alcohol, a very British tradition that is making its way into the hearts and minds stateside, makes things weird. Behind each of its doors—12 of them for the 12 Nights of Christmas, or 24 of them for the days in December leading up to Christmas—hides a bottle or can or dram of something or other with an ABV that you haven’t likely tried before. A whiskey from a distillery you’ve never heard of, a wine varietal of an untested vintage, a can of craft beer you haven’t seen on store shelves. That brings the level of alcohol-inspired excitement up to the appropriate holiday-season level.

We should also note that advent calendars make spirited (sorry we can’t help it) gifts for anyone who drinks at the holidays. Just order one now, because there aren’t very many companies that make them, and they tend to be in short supply. These are best alcohol advent calendars available on this side of the Atlantic.

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Best Whisky Advent Calendar

Whisky Advent Calendar: The Really Good One

Really Good Whisky

Not much can go wrong here: 25 samples of 25 whiskies, all promising to be “really good.” Chances are you’ve only tried a few, if that, on your own.

All American Whiskey & Bourbon

A nod to the whiskey of the States. This advent calendar from The Spirit Co. highlights 24 days of America’s best distilleries (including but not limited to Four Roses, WhistlePig, and Woodford Reserve). Lord knows there are more than 24 of them.

The Whisky Advent Calendar

This advent calendar gives you a 24-day whisky tour of the world, and what better world tour could there be? Offerings include French single malt, rye, and 16-year-old Mortlach.

Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar

Another spirited advent cal by Drinks by the Dram for your consideration, because of its box design and its lineup of Scottish wax-sealed whiskies, including a rare, 30-year-old single malt from Auchentoshan. 

Christmas Wine Advent Calendar

When wine gets the advent treatment with 24 bottles of specialty vino, you know Christmas is coming. Start counting down by sipping every day.

Advent Calendar Box

Holiday Spirits Calendars

When all else fails, go DIY: Stock up on mini bottles of whatever booze you’d like and fill this empty advent calendar with them. Maybe even swap a few days of alcohol with beer nuts, bitters, and other things that make drinking fun.

24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar

The Whisky Exchange

Rum unfairly gets lumped in with “summer drinking” in the States, but its rich, layered notes complement the spices of the holiday season impeccably. This collection of bottles spans continents (and yes, it’ll ship to America).

Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar

Simple, to the point: a Jack Daniel’s advent calendar for people who like Jack Daniel’s. Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire, and Gentleman Jack are also represented.

That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar

This box has a vast range of mini flavor profiles and botanicals hidden behind its doors. It’s also the last spirits advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram we’ll call out here, though there are plenty more.

Beer Advent Calendar

For craft beer aficionados, an advent calendar stuffed with 12 excellent cans—including IPAs, stouts, and ales—is more than gift enough.

Best Beer Advent Calendar

12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box

With unique craft beer from juicy IPAs to rich chocolate stouts, even someone unfamiliar with the art of Brewvana brewing will very much want to be familiar with the art of Brewvana brewing. Which a 12-can advent calendar will help them become, alongside some stocking stuffers as festive surprises.

Best Wine Advent Calendar

12 Nights of Wine

You’ll find 12 glass vials in this wine advent calendar from Vinebox. And in each glass vial, you’ll find a varietal of luxuriant proportions that was selected by a woman in the wine world. Just have to choose between this abstract box design or Vinebox’s “Wonderland” pattern.

12-Day Wine Advent Calendar

If vials of wine seem quaint, commit to full bottles. This collection ensures a 12-day stretch of continual serenity, with an assist from wines of all varietals—moscato and pinot, chardonnay and cab sav.

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

The, er, classiest of advent calendars you’ll find this year invites you to crack open spiked seltzers 12 days in a row. Ain’t no laws, et cetera, et cetera.

Best Cocktail Advent Calendar

Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar

Even more trendy than canned seltzers are canned cocktails, and of those there are seemingly infinite kinds. This advent calendar narrows the field to 12—from Bacardi Rum Punch to Waterbird Vodka Citrus Squeeze—so each day of the Christmas countdown has the exact right amount to imbibe-able newness.

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