9 Best Wine Advent Calendars 2021

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“All I Want for Christmas Is You” is probably already making its way back up the charts, and it’s not even December yet. That’s right. The weeks-long window leading up to Christmas is the golden hour for getting your usual holiday traditions crackin’. Shopping Black Friday sales, revamping the décor, preparing for the party, frantic gift-shopping, and so on. But there’s one holiday tradition we would like to recommend the adults only in the household prioritize: wine advent calendars, for sipping your way through December.

You might miss the childhood ritual of opening a paper door and finding an innocent piece of sweet chocolate, but grow up and inject some booze into your Christmas countdown. Just imagine, after hustling all day, you’re tired and cruising for a nightcap, so you reward yourself with whatever’s hidden behind door No. 8. Oh, it’s your favorite Italian Pinot Grigio. Silly yet lovely. A wine advent calendar thus presents the cleverest pretext to do some regulated vino sipping, while winding down each day of a festive (read: exhausting but fun) December.

In most wine advent calendars, behind the array of secretive doors, there are 12 bottles of varietals to go with the 12 Nights of Christmas, or 24 of them to get you started on the first day in December, leading up to Christmas Eve. The best advent cals can surprise you with a new kind of delectable wine each night, so you look forward to raising a glass every day. Reds, whites, rosés, sparkling bruts, etc.—we cherry-picked the best wine advent calendars to get for your home this holiday season, or to gift to your sommelier friends and wine connoisseur relatives.

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Best 24-Day Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendar

If you find daily countdowns starting in the middle of the month difficult (weird, but fair), try this 24-day advent calendar for you to cheers from December 1 through December 24. These 24 mini bottles are for the somms who want to explore their way to Christmas by uncorking and treating themselves to a glass a day, with a range of rosé, blanc, syrah, Bordeaux, riesling, and more.

Best Overall Wine Advent Calendar

The World of Wine Advent Calendar

WSJWine releases a wine advent calendar every year, and the 2021 edition dons a gingerbread house box. Filled with 24 lovely quarter-bottles with no repeat of flavor, just open a door every day to surprise yourself with one generous glassful of prosecco, sauvignon blanc, Tuscan, ruby port, and other vinos from across the world.

Best 12-Day Wine Advent Calendar

12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar

This cal contains 12 glass tubes, each carrying a first-class pour of fine wine chosen by female winemakers across European vineyards. You’ll find four whites, two rosés, and six reds waiting for countdown usage. Even better, there are two stylish package designs to choose from: the “Wonderland” for conventional festivity, and the “Abstract” for artsier celebration.

Red, Rosé, and Brut Mixed Pack

The mini bottles in Usual Wines’ pack (it’s not technically an advent calendar) are too exquisite to be discarded. And if you loathe wines that taste like sugar soda, consider this mixed pack of red, rosé, and brut. Naturally made from the best Californian grapes without any artificial process—because there’s no need—these 12 (or 24) bottles of wine ensure your holiday celebration is very real.

Best Full-Bottle Wine Advent Calendar

12-Day Wine Advent Calendar

Want to make the most out of getting merry? Then skip mini vials and commit to full bottles, ‘coz that’s how we roll. In this advent calendar box, you’ll get pinot, merlot, moscato, chardonnay, and more for a 12-day period of varietals in full bottles to satiate your thirst. Perhaps you’ll share, perhaps not.

Best Traditional Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendar

This traditional advent cal has 12 secret doors to reveal 12 hidden goods. There are no tiny glassful bottles in this one; instead, it features chock-full half-bottles of cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, rosé, and other varietals from famous vineyards around the world.

Advent Calendar Wooden Christmas Tree

Prefer to stock your own choices of wine? No problem, because to buy this advent calendar, you must sign a disclaimer stating that you are fully aware it does not include any bottles. It’s just a solid wood advent calendar crafted in the shape of a Christmas tree. Can’t get any merrier than holiday décor that can also hold 24 mini wine bottles, can it? Better still, you can customize the color and wood finish.

Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

Craving the kind of bubbly wine that’ll make you go “ahhhhh” throughout December? This advent calendar puts some sparkles into its 12-varietal lineup of brut, prosecco, rosé, and cuvée. That is 12 nights of light, bubbly goodness. You might even keep it around till New Year’s Eve.

Best Bubbly Wine Advent Calendar

12 Days of Bubbles Advent Calendar

Another bubbly wine advent calendar to pop open 12 days ahead of Christmas, this one has quite a selection, including moscato spumante and pink moscato. And it’s got a beautifully designed box, too, to go with your glasses of fizzes and foam. It’s not Christmas without some sparkles; remember that.

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