Best Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery 2021- 16 Mail Order Turkey Meals

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What are we most grateful for on Thanksgiving Day? The food to stuff our face with, of course. But is that all? Where are your manners? Haven’t you forgotten the host or chef who makes the feasting possible? If you are the considerate cook in your family who each year labors away in the kitchen for seven hours (or more) to prep for a delectable Thanksgiving dinner, we give you our sincerest salute. You have made our endless feasting and resulting acid reflux possible. But may we suggest you take a break from cooking this year and consider Thanksgiving meal delivery?

We’re not insinuating that your food tastes bad. It is a holiday all about appreciation, after all. But you can still be the bona fide host who gathers everyone together, only this year, you can shake off the weight of over-strategizing on grocery shopping, seasoning preparation, oven coordination, and dish reheating—as if you’re readying for war—because a food delivery service will bring an entire pre-made feast to your door. You’ll get all the classics for the big day, from sides to pumpkin pie to turkey, minus the cleanup, plus extra time in the great company of family or friends, or Thanksgiving movies and shows.

Just think about it. And preview your Thanksgiving nourishment with these 16 meal delivery options below. Why not relax a little and indulge in a Thanksgiving spread that is only a click away? You might need to get creative with the oven space, but honestly, it’s a lot easier to just pop the meals in and then dig in. One more thing to be thankful for.

Williams Sonoma

For a classic meal—turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie—order from Williams Sonoma. Its turkeys are free-range.

Order From $79.95,

Harry & David

Harry & David is so much more than its famous Moose Munch. This feast includes a whole turkey or ham, traditional sides like apple sausage stuffing and creamy Brussels sprouts, finishing touches of cranberry sauce and gravy, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

Order From $44.99,


Can’t stop by a barbecue in Texas to pick up a Cajun-fried bird? No worries, Goldbelly has one. Can’t make a pitstop in the heart of Pennsylvania’s farm country to pick up a pie? Goldbelly sells it. Can’t run up to the Cape for a side of lobster mac and cheese? Yep, Goldbelly. The site sources from restaurants across the country, giving you a feast of options.

Order From $59.00,

Willie Bird Turkeys

These free-range turkeys from Willie Bird Farm come in a range of options. Choose one that’s organic or not, pre-brined or bare, smoked, pre-roasted, or uncooked.

Order From $79.95,

Burgers’ Smokehouse

You can’t go wrong with this top-rated turkey. It comes pre-cooked, so all you have to do is thaw, unwrap, and heat up. If you’re handling the full meal, don’t sweat it. You can order sides like sweet potato casserole and desserts like Southern pecan pie from the smokehouse as well.

Order From $79.99,

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks understands the importance of poultry on Thanksgiving, giving a few turkey options to choose from, but you can also opt for a ham or prime roast dinner. Accompaniments include roasted garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.

Order From $39.99,

The Honey Baked Ham Company

If your family prefers ham over turkey, the Honey Baked Ham Company has you covered. The premium pork, slowly roasted and topped with a sweet and crunchy glaze, is ready to go once it’s thawed and at room temperature, so you don’t even have to heat it up. Not only does Honey Baked offer quarter, half, and whole sizes, it also has several side and dessert selections to round out the meal.

Order From $39.99,

Whole Foods + Amazon Prime

Are you a Prime member? Great. Then you can get Whole Foods to deliver all the ingredients you might need, including a turkey, to your door. You still have to do all the prep and cook work, though.

Order Prices vary,

Schiltz Goose Farm

If a turkey is too tame, switch things up with a brown-sugar-brined goose smoked with hickory wood chips from Schiltz. To serve, thaw and heat for an hour—easy.

Order From $112.80,

Fresh Direct

Hate being overwhelmed with too many options? Relatable. Thankfully, Fresh Direct offers just enough choices for you to put together a Thanksgiving dinner, from pre-cooked sides to family-sized mac and cheese to turkey breast, that starts at only $11.99 a plate. And as the name suggests, the food is guaranteed to arrive quickly in fresh condition.

Order From $11.99,


If you know you’ll go crazy for a classic roast turkey or a crunchy peppercorn-crusted beef tenderloin on Thanksgiving, then let HelloFresh handle it for you. You’ll also get some really luscious sides, like apple ginger crisp and Ciabatta stuffing, as well as cranberry brie crostini as dessert for a final touch.

      Order From $16.99,

      Blue Apron

      Leave it to Blue Apron to deliver your Thanksgiving feast. All you have to do is sign up for the subscription and cancel after just one order. Aside from staples like butter roasted turkey or mashed potatoes, it also offers add-ons like truffle and parmesan knots or walnut breadcrumbs for the carb-addicted, and butternut squash and spinach risotto for your vegetarian guests.

      Order From $4.41,


      You might trust your local restaurants more, so stick to a food delivery service like DoorDash that gives vast flexibility for you to order from the best restaurants near you. Whichever city you live in, the options go beyond turkeys or hams or Brussels sprouts. You can even order and get meals delivered on Thanksgiving Day; just be sure the restaurants are not closed.

      Order Prices vary,


      Feeding a crowd of guests usually gets the host worrying over budget. So consider low-cost Thanksgiving meal options from grocery chains near you, like Costo, Target, Eataly, or Morton Williams. Better yet, Instacart allows you to browse all these stores online and order their variety of cooked fixings the same day or pre-scheduled. Be sure you check out the liquor stores as well for Thanksgiving booze.

      Order Prices vary,

      Magic Kitchen

      Build your own Thanksgiving dinner feast with Magic Kitchen and its array of selections. Or, try out its curated meals such as Italian Holiday Dinner, Tex-Mex Holiday Meal, and a pack of sides with no turkey for those who really like the process of stuffing and roasting the big bird on their own. Or skipping it altogether.

      Order From $24.99,


      Thanksgiving for one or two can feel lonely. But GrubHub is here for you, and your stomach, with its annual Thanksgiving delivery. This year’s lineup hasn’t been unveiled yet, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be just like a regular day on GrubHub. So if you’re in the mood for something unconventional on Turkey Day, opt for a nearby Chinese restaurant or the national favorite Shake Shack. GrubHub even breaks down restaurants into different sections based on their cuisine, so you can get a Thanksgiving meal that is personalized to your tastes in 3, 2, 1.

      Order Prices Vary,

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