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The holiday season is coming to town soon, so brace yourself for the laborious, hope-depleting work of holiday gift shopping. Not that it doesn’t feel great to give a little back and be rewarded with some smiles, but goddamn is it exhausting to find the perfect gift to please everybody. If you’re already on the lookout for presents to avoid last-minute fright, there’s an item we can’t promise will gratify everyone but will surely bring some nourishment to most: a deluxe cheese board set, now over 30 percent off on Amazon, with a 23 percent discount and a 10 percent coupon.

Admit it, holiday entertaining is tantamount to a cheese-eating festival, so ChefSofi’s charcuterie board set and cheese-serving platter is the ideal gift for housewarmings and party hosts as a gesture of affection. Or you can buy it for yourself, if you’re such a turophile. The complete cheese set includes four ceramic bowls and four knives. For an organized show-off, use the bowls to neatly sort fruits, complementary crackers, bread, nuts, cold meats, and spreads. The stainless steel knives are stored in the built-in drawer, and aid in the impeccable slicing of cheese in any texture without ruining its original shape.

Cheese Board Set



If your guests, family, or friends don’t usually dig your cheese serving, it’s probably because of the sloppy presentation and sleazy look. Elegant presentation is exactly what ChefSofi’s cheese board set excels at. Crafted in acacia wood, the board has a curated appearance that doesn’t look out of place at upscale parties or lavish dinners. And it’s very spacious compared to other cheese boards.

The imminent holiday season is bound to be sponsored by cheese boards. And when you’re ready to buy a cheese board set that is now only $52 on Amazon with the coupon, it will come in gift-ready packaging to save you more trouble. Remember, everything can be made better with cheese.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect a change in the product’s price.

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