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Not gonna lie, Tom Cruise doing the “hippy hippy shakes” behind the bar in the 1988 movie Cocktail really got my heart racing. Who knew mixing drinks could be so erotic? Maybe only if you’re Tom Cruise? But bartending is definitely not as easy—and in no way as sexy—as it looks unless you’ve mastered the art of cocktail shaking. It takes some home practice to look like a charismatic bartending guru. If you’re ready to commit, or know someone who is, we recommend Mixology & Craft’s 10-piece bartender cocktail set, now nearly 40 percent off on Amazon.

10-Piece Bar Tool Set with Bamboo Stand – Silver

Mixology & Craft

This bartender starter kit has every upscale basic except for the alcohol: shaker, liquor pourers, corkscrew, spoon, ice tongs, jigger, muddler, strainer, and a sleek bamboo tool rack for a first-class display that also makes it easy on your shelf storage. The star is the leak-proof shaker that boasts the capacity to quench the thirst of three cocktail drinkers at once. Crafting top-tiered drinks takes skills, but it also takes tools, and this cocktail set is just the one to churn out icy Margaritas or execute a classic Manhattan.

Mixology & Crafts’ stainless steel bar kit caters to any mixology experience, whether you’re a cocktail pro looking to whip up some experimental emulsions, or an amateur wanting to master the basics with the right tools. You can have it all for a nice $30 less right now, or gift a good time to someone who knows just how to sling drinks and not spill one drop, all while doing the Tom Cruise hip shakes. Because let’s be honest, sex appeal and style are pretty much the prerequisites for bartending. Tools come after.

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