Costco Is Putting Purchasing Limits On These Items

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Costco is the place to go when you need large quantities of your favorite snacks and household items. While typically everything is fair game because of current sales and supply and demand, a select few items are being limited so everyone has a fair chance of getting their hands on what they need.

If you’re a tried and true Costco fan, you probably already know a lot of Costco’s Kirkland Signature items are essentially the same thing as brand name versions. Diapers and batteries are some of the items that have been confirmed as Huggies and Duracell, respectively. The high quality Kirkland diapers are one of the items currently capped at two boxes per size.

The reason for the current purchasing limits is a member-only sales event going on through August 29. Popular Costco buys like women’s bike shorts (Costco leggings have been compared to Lululemon in the past, fyi) are limited to 10 per customer. Coleman temperature control tumbler cups and OXO plastic containers are limited to five per customer. And Kirkland beauty wipes are limited to five boxes per member.

There are even some snacks on sale that are part of the current purchasing limits. Peanut butter, Eggos, Frito-Lay chip variety boxes, Goldfish crackers, and Veggie Straws are some of those such snacks. You can see for yourself what items are majorly discounted and how many of each you are allowed to buy with your membership up on the Offers page on Costco’s website. That way, you can get what you need during your next trip without being caught off guard at the register. It’s always best to be prepared.

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