A Guide to Boston’s Community Fridges

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The original Dorchester community fridge, located in Fields Corner, doubled as a pantry and was protected by an insulated shed to allow it to operate through winter. This fridge is currently closed and seeking a new home.

Terrence B. Doyle/Eater

Mutual aid initiatives have been springing up nationwide during the pandemic, as community members look for ways to address food insecurity and other needs of their neighbors. Mutual aid takes many forms: hyperlocal spreadsheets connecting those who need something with those who can provide it; massive texting chains of neighbors helping neighbors with everything from childcare to transportation; fundraisers aimed at helping people with groceries or rent; and more.

And then there are community fridges, which have begun to appear in neighborhoods nationwide, including in and around Boston. These outdoor fridges, often built under a roof alongside some pantry shelves, are typically monitored and stocked by volunteers, filled with everything from fresh produce to canned goods and sometimes even toiletries and other non-food household essentials.

Whether you need groceries or have extra to give, or you’re looking to volunteer, here’s where to find community fridges that are currently operational in the Boston area and beyond. Something missing from this map? Email the Eater Boston team.

Note that several other fridges are in the works in the area, including in Hyde Park, South Boston, the North End, Waltham, and Quincy. Also, the Dorchester fridge closed at its Fields Corner location in July 2021 and is currently seeking a new home. Plus, the Allston fridge previously located at 1 N. Beacon St. moved to a new location in Brighton (see the Brighton Center Fridge below), but the Allston/Brighton team hasn’t given up on a trying to put a fridge in Allston (and/or Lower Allston) again.

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This map was originally published on November 30, 2020; it is updated occasionally. The most recent update, on October 5, 2021, added a Watertown fridge.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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