Best Overseas Ice Creams

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No shade to Zooper Doopers.

Aussie ice creams and blocks are pretty top notch, but I wouldn’t be mad if there was (even more) variety.

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Just imagine a summer holiday where there’s a new variety of ice cream to try…Every. Single. Day.

Here’s a selection of the ice creams that need to be imported, like, yesterday:


Melona sticks 🇰🇷

Flickr: Paulo Rená da Silva Santarém / Via Flickr: paulorena

What could be better on a hot summer’s day than biting into an icy melon-flavoured delight? This iconic Korean ice cream knows the answer: nothing.


Feast bars 🇬🇧

Flickr: Ben Sutherland / Via Flickr: bensutherland, Wall’s UK / Via

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate — and Feast ice creams prove it. Coated with crunchy biscuit-studded chocolate, inside there’s both chocolate ice cream and then, of course, more rich chocolate to chomp into.


Crispy ice cream sandwiches 🇯🇵

Flickr: mangocyborg / Via Flickr: mangocyborg

No disrespect to Maxibons, which have perfected the ice cream soft biscuit sandwich, but these matcha crispy sandwiches, which are exclusive to Japan, are elite. You just know your ice cream sandwich experience would be more satisfying if there was a crunch with every bite.


A big block of ice cream 🇮🇪

Hazelbrook Farm

A block of ice cream is far superior to a tub — especially when it’s as a creamy as Hazelbrook Farm’s. Think of all the sandwiches you could create with this litre of vanilla ice cream.


Klondike bars 🇺🇸

Flickr: Ken @frozenfoodjournal / Via Flickr: frozenfoodjournal

Square ice creams are just more enjoyable than rectangular ones. The OG Klondike bars are made with a thin layer of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, but today they come in a huge range of flavours and fillings — and I, for one, would welcome the variety.


Speculoos Cookie Butter ice cream 🇺🇸

Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

Aussies already know we’re missing out on the wonder that is Trader Joe’s, but the fact they have a speculoos ice cream is just twisting the knife. I am absolutely convinced we would all be happier, more fulfilled people if this was available here in Australia.


Red bean ice cream in the shape of a fish 🇰🇷

Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon / Via Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon

I never knew how much I wanted to munch on a fish-shaped ice cream until I discovered this sweet dessert. Turns out, fish-shaped ice creams come in a variety of flavours in South Korea, including red (adzuki) bean and corn — all housed inside a thin and intricately detailed (well, for ice cream, anyway) wafer shell. 


Pig bars 🇰🇷

Flickr: David Woo / Via Flickr: mckln, Flickr: David Woo / Via Flickr: mckln

Created in 1983 for the year of the pig, pig bars are a textural wonderland. With a crunchy outer layer that’s part chocolate and cookie crumbs that coats a creamy layer of vanilla ice cream, the real showstopper is the gooey inner layer of strawberry jam.


Corn ice cream 🇰🇷

Flickr: Feline DaCat / Via Flickr: feline_dacat, Flickr: kiryu / Via Flickr: kiryu

In another feat of modern engineering, these sweet corn flavoured ice creams are encased in a soft cone that just happens to be shaped like a, you guessed it, corn on the cob.


Soft serve-style ice creams 🇯🇵

Flickr: Masaki Tokutomi / Via Flickr: tokutomi

It’s no secret that Japan’s 7-Elevens are elite in every way possible — and this naturally includes its ice creams. These soft serve style cones come in a wide range of flavours ranging from matcha to silky vanilla and the packaging means no grubby hand germs on the cone. 


Banana ice creams 🇯🇵

Flickr: John McGarvey / Via Flickr: johnmcga

Nothing beats banana ice cream — except banana ice cream that’s in the shape of a banana, which is exactly what this Japanese ice cream is all about. 


Twisters 🇬🇧

Flickr: Sinéad Cochrane / Via Flickr: iamvisi, Wall’s UK, Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon / Via Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon

Similar in appearance and texture to Cyclones, Twisters come in way more flavours — and are even made with milk for extra creaminess.


Café Zero frozen coffee slushies 🇮🇹

Flickr: gillyberlin / Via Flickr: gillyberlin

A hit of coffee shouldn’t just be reserved for mornings, which Café Zero is mercifully here to rectify. Part iced coffee and part ice cream, its texture resembles a thickshake that’s been made with ice. 


And finally, ube flavoured ice creams 🇵🇭

Selecta Philippines

These brightly hued, ube-flavoured ice creams are exclusive to the Philippines, where ube (a purple sweet potato) is an ingredient that features prominently. Sweet and earthy, this ice cream comes with an ube coating with an added crunch from the rice crispies.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other ice creams from abroad you’d like to hit Aussie shores!

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