Vegemite Just Collab’d With Schnitz To Drop A Mitey Parmy And Holy Hell, I Need It Right Now

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Forget about your lamingtons, pav, or Bunnings’ snag — this is the true taste of Australia.

Look, there’s no denying that this summer has been a bit of a letdown for Australians…

This Might Get / Via

After enduring the torment and monotony of the last two years, we were finally due our hot girl summer. But fate (read: Omicron) had different plans for us. 

And with 2022 now firmly beneath our feet, things were shaping up to look like yet another year of Groundhog Day…until two humble, Aussie heroes swooped in to save the day.

In a twist of genius that no one saw coming, Vegemite and Schnitz have combined their superpowers for good and dropped the MITEY Parmy — a delicious combination of Napoli sauce, mozzarella and that sweet nectar of the gods that we call Vegemite.

Vegemite / Schnitz

Just looking at the pic, I can almost taste the delicious swirl of umami, cheesy goodness and sweet, sweet tomato sauce. 

The recipe was inspired by tennis legend, Ash Barty, who coined the feed the “unofficial dish” of the Aussie Open.

This delicious morsel is available nationwide from Schnitz for a limited time only and will be gone from stores after Jan 30 — so you bloody well better make the most of it!

Me, staring at my Uber Eats later today:

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