Weird Food Combinations You Must Try

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Who knew watermelon and salt could taste good??


Ice cream and fries.

Unsplash/sheri silver, Unsplash/Joyce Panda

The perfect balance of sweet and salt.


Salsa and green apples.

Unsplash/Tai’s Captures, Unsplash/Kotagauni Srinivas

The sourness of green apples and the spice from the salsa makes for a perfect combination.


Honey and pizza.

Unsplash/Arwin Neil Baichoo, Unsplash/Ivan Torres

Honey helps to dilute the overpowering saltiness of pizza toppings and makes for a milder, more balanced flavour.


Peanut butter and Sriracha.

Unsplash/Chris Liverani, Unsplash/Tetiana Bykovets

Better yet, mix the two together to make a dip for your fries.


Mango and chilli powder.

Unsplash/Deon Black

This might look weird, but it’s actually a common and delicious treat in some parts of the world.


Basil and strawberry.

Unsplash/Delfina Iacub

Basil helps offset the sweetness and tartness of the strawberries, resulting in refreshing desserts.


Watermelon and salt.

Unsplash/Sahand Babali, Unsplash/Jason Tuinstra

Believe it or not, salt actually helps reduce the bitterness of watermelons and makes them taste sweeter.


Ranch dressing and pizza.

Getty Images

The tanginess from the ranch dressing + saltiness from the pizza = perfection.


Musk melon and prosciutto ham.

Getty Images

Fruits and meat? A very underrated and delicious food combination.


Bacon and bananas.

Unsplash/Michelle @New Layer Photography, Unsplash/Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Now you don’t have to choose between sweet and savoury for pancake toppings.


Potato chips and chocolate.

Getty Images, Unsplash/Tetiana Bykovets

Because after eating something salty, you crave something sweet, then something salty, then something sweet, then….


Avocado and chocolate.

Unsplash/Roberta Sorge, Getty Images

Try combining the two in a smoothie or a milkshake and thank us later.


Ice cream and olive oil.

Getty Images

The next time you have dessert, ditch the chocolate syrup and try the traditional Italian method of topping your ice creams off with olive oil.

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