25 Times Customers Proved Just How Ridiculously Dumb And Entitled They Actually Are

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“I was working my first job at a little movie theater, all kinds of stoned. I had to ask each person if they wanted ice in their drinks, because half the time, they’d say “no ice” once I’d already put it on the counter. Guy comes in, asks for a coke. I say, “Great. Do you want sprite?” He looks at me like I’m nuts.

 “No, I want Coke.” I start getting sort of eye-rolly and huffy. “But do you want SPRITE?” Now he kind of starts to sweat, like, what is actually wrong with this girl? “No! I want a COKE.” I take a big breath, and basically shout, “I KNOW you want COKE, BUT DO YOU WANT SPRITE??!!” And I finally hear myself, and I’m like, oh my God, I’m so sorry, I’m trying to say “ice.”

—Sally W, Facebook

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