35 Fancy Kitchen Items That Are Totally Worth The Dough

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BuzzFeed editor Hannah Loewentheil owns the Bartersian and LOVES it:

“When I first caught wind of the Bartesian premium cocktail machine ($349.99 on Amazon), my first thought was does anyone actually need this gadget? But after trying it for myself, I can say the answer is a firm YES, and here’s why. I love making cocktails at home, and while I’m no bartender, I feel very comfortable shaking a spicy margarita, stirring a negroni, or whipping up a Pisco sour. But making craft cocktails at home requires many (often expensive) ingredients, bar tools, time and effort. With the Bartesian though, you can make fancy drinks with the click of a button — literally. Once you turn the Bartesian on, it prompts you to insert a cocktail capsule. The smart gadget recognizes the cocktail you’re trying to make and will ensure you’ve placed the proper spirit in the bottle (I know, it’s mind-blowing). Next, it prompts you to choose your cocktail strength (there’s even a mocktail option), and to place a glass with ice underneath the spout. Next, the Bartesian will start pouring your craft cocktail. The whole process takes about 20 seconds and it’s all very exciting. With many bars closed and people quarantining or feeling hesitant about going out to eat, this gadget allows you to make professional-quality cocktails at home.

Promising review: “This machine is totally worth the price. I feel it pays for itself just in the fact that I don’t have to be the bartender constantly and I actually get to enjoy my guests. And I wouldn’t serve junk to my guests either. I was absolutely shocked at how tasty and non-artificial these cocktails are. We haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but the ones we have are nothing short of fantastic. Margarita is my personal favorite and my husband who is an old fashion snob says this old fashion is right up there with one of the best he’s had. The convenience is worth its money 10 times over. Family members who are not cocktail inclined have tried ours and decided it was a good addition to homes. All in all, YES, it is worth it. The reviews are true and I’m so happy that I decided to invest.” —KamsMom

Get it from Amazon for $349.99.

And don’t forget your to grab a six pack of cocktail pods for $14.99!

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