9 Best Home Beer Brewing Kits 2022

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Chugging down a bottle or glass of taproom-crafted beer can be a hand-to-god, born-again experience. I mean, goodness, you’re gulping down a perfect constellation of grains, flavored hops, yeast, and water that’s been turned into frothy, delicious alcohol! Magic. Just makes you proud to be a beer lover.

Brewing beer is an art. And the next best thing to being a beer drinker is a being a beer maker who can whip up a lip-prickling batch of IPA or stout from a stockpot and a carboy and funnel it straight to the vessel, piecemeal, and serve. Contrary to how that all sounds, it isn’t as grueling or scientific as it sounds. All you need is a complete home beer brewing kit.

So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, we’ve picked out 9 of the best at-home beer brewing kits. There are traditional brewing rigs that require flexing a few muscles, as well as tech-forward options not unlike those used in professional breweries. Grab one—and some koozies or beer growlers while you’re at it—and start crafting your next crispy malt.

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Best Overall Home Beer Brewing Kit

HomeBrewing Starter Set

Brew. Share. Enjoy. The way they roll at Northern Brewer. This everything-included kit handles the grunt work of siphonless fermentation and comes with a recipe for 50, 12-ounce batches. With the ensemble of testing equipment and bottle filler you’ll receive, making an amber ale or hefeweizen will be as easy as making your breakfast oatmeal or mac n’ cheese.

Best cheap Home Beer Brewing Kit

Variety Beer Making Kit

If having a huge carboy glass jar towering over your kitchen seems too intimidating, you can opt to pick up the fundamentals with Brooklyn Brew House’s brewing kit. The tools are just right: a thermometer, glass fermenter, airlock, sanitizer, tubing, and more. But the ingredients for making eight pints of all-the-rage styles like jalapeño saison, chocolate maple porter, or bruxelles blonde will really get you lathered.

Best Beginner Home Beer Brewing Kit

Complete Home Brewing Beer Starter Kit

If you’re just dipping your toes in the fizzy water, get a starter kit that’ll guide you through brewing, fermenting, bottling, and enjoying. This one’ll do.

Best Fast Home Beer Brewing Kit

Complete Beer Making 2 Gallon Starter Kit

The duration of brewing grains and hops and yeast is long enough to… well, it’s just very long. Three or four hours. Mr. Beer, suave as it sounds, cuts that time down to just half an hour with its included hopped malt extract—meaning you can swear off pots, strainers, and other large brewing equipment. It’s a novice way of brewing a batch of beer that keeps the process as simple as possible: just combine the extract with water and yeast, and wait for the fermentation to finish. No fuss.

Best Value Home Beer Brewing Kit

Craft Beer Brewing Kit Signature Pro with Bottles

BrewDemon will give you a beer break on using amateur, antiquated glass fermenter. Instead, its miniature conical fermenter, which holds over two gallons of beer with a C02 venting system, really bougies your brew days up to a professional brewery layout, and makes brewing a small batch a breeze. Just add in the recipe and yeast, and wait for the process to finish in 30 minutes, tops. As the name “BrewDemon” suggests, it’s a devilish cheat.

Best Home Beer Brewing Experience

Beer Making Kit with Online Class

A Zoom class for learning to brew beer at home, from home? Sold. Brewvana will send you a recipe kit, a tool kit of carboy fermenter, thermometer, bottle filler, CO2 drops, etc., plus a code for an online step-by-step home-brew class taught by a pro. The class will be small—five students max—but that means the instructor can field all questions about DIYing 2.5 gallons of beer. And since it’s a 101 level class, no prerequisite course credit is required.

Best all-in-one home beer brewer

All-In-One Home Beer Brewing Machine

To get both the bells and the whistles, you gotta go custom with NutriChef’s all-in-one home beer brewing machine that can make just about any beer so long as you have the recipe. Its mashing control system allows you to schedule your recipe, set custom parameters—time, temperature, power—for each step so your kölsch or Belgian wheat will taste exactly the way you like.

Best Electric Home Beer Brewer

Mundschenk Complete Home Brewing System

Taking brew days up a notch from a pot, a propane burner, so many tubes and funnels, to just a mash system will make your bottoms-up moments much more worthy. This stainless steel electric beer brewer can produce up to 30 liters of fresh beer of any kind, light or dark, top- or bottom-fermented, wheat or pilsner. Just know your recipe, and work the touch panel.

Best Smart Home Beer Brewer

Automated Beer Brewing Machine

After traveling all the way from Shark Tank to Kickstarter, the world’s first automatic beer brewing machine has finally hit the market. It steers the entire process—brewing, fermentation, carbonation, and serving—so you need only worry about the ingredients. And like anything smart, BEERMKR can be connected to wifi and controlled by an app for progress monitoring.

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