Snickers Peanut Butter Bar Has Arrived In Australia

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Finally, the overseas icon has landed in Aus.

Attention my fellow nut-butter-lovers! Snickers, the king of chocolate bars, has gone ahead and dropped a creamy peanut butter bar — and you better believe I’ll be hitting every convenience store within a 5km radius to stock my pantry.

Yep, this PB icon which, until now, could only been enjoyed during a cheeky trip overseas (remember when that was easy?), is now available for a limited time only ~Down Under~.

Getty / Snickers

And it feels like a real bright spot in 2022. 

Made with lashings of peanut butter, silky smooth caramel and the ever-reliable goodness of fresh ground peanuts, this tasty morsel is enrobed in the rich, delicious Snickers chocolate that you know and love.

You can grab ’em for an easy two bucks from Woolies, Coles, ALDI, etc — I don’t need to list them all, you know where to go.

Me, thriving on my new Snickers-only summer diet:

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