Here’s What The Food Is Like In The Winter Olympic Village

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Everyone say, “Thank you, Shaun!”

This is Shaun White. You probably know him for being a Team USA snowboarding LEGÉND.

Laurent Salino / Getty Images

That, or for being Nina Dobrev’s boyfriend.

Regardless, it’s time to add another coveted title to his roster: TikTok star/Winter Olympics behind-the-scenes correspondent!!!

Recently, Shaun posted this TikTok giving us an ✨exclusive peek✨ inside of what exactly the food selection is like in this year’s Winter Olympic Village, and, well…frankly, I’m salivating!!!

Here he is, our Olympic Content King™, welcoming us into his feeding quarters.

Of course, there’s some COVID protocol over in Olympic Village, including mandatory glove wearing in the cafeteria.

Shaun then showed us his plethora of options. We’ve got a salad bar in what looks to be some sort of insulated tent…?

…pizza and pasta, naturally…

…and “Special Feature,” which intrigued dear Shaun.

He then showed us these nice women working in the kitchen. Hello!!!

And panned over to some baked goods…I’m looking at you, croissants.

Also got some fruit, I see!

So…that’s really it! All in all, it looks pretty good…not quite as glamorous as the Summer Olympics food court though, as pictured below:

But I mean, Shaun seems to be happy, so I’m happy! Time for him to go get some food now. Eat up, Shaun, and thanks for the content!

OH, and good luck at the Olympics, king!!! USA! USA! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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