15 Best Gifts For Tea Lovers

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Drinking tea is an art. Not an art we are all particularly good at, but an art all the same. And some people are really into it. It has history in cultures from all of the world, dating back centuries of time in a way that simply cannot be expressed in the confines of an internet story. We don’t need to get into all that right now, just know that tea is good and tea has been good.

Now, maybe you’re around someone who loves a hot cup of tea with lemon in the morning or prefers winding down at night with mint tea and some honey. Maybe you’ve started dabbling into the world of tea and are trying to expand your horizons. Either way, there’s a whole host of items out that that significantly improve the tea-drinking experience. Alternatively, maybe you are none of these things but someone you love dearly is and you need a gift. That’s as good a reason as exists to find yourself on this page.

First, start with the tools: a mug, some hot water. Maybe a tea kettle for bigger brews or a travel mug for brewing on the go. Then you can get fancy, too. There are brew baskets and loose-leaf tea balls for your preferred brew strength. And there’s all the tea-plus stuff, like artisanal honey and fun monthly subscription boxes. Here, we rounded up the 15 best gifts to give tea lovers, yourself or otherwise.

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Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The Fellow Stagg gooseneck kettle is an absolute game changer when it comes to actually enjoying tea making. It pours water gracefully in a steady stream so you get all the boiling water into your mug and not onto your hand. Plus, it looks good just sitting on your counter.

Mesh Brewing Basket

For loose leaf tea lovers—and the overachievers putting their own blends together—this little brew basket uses a stainless steel mesh to let the leaves seep without spilling into the water.

ChaCha Kyusu Maru Teapot

If you prefer making a whole pot at a time rather than just a lonely single cup, Hario’s heatproof glass teapot is an easy place to start. Pour in your hot water, stick the tea in the strainer, and let it do its thing.

Tea Pot

Another teapot option: a very pretty ceramic pot. This one is great if you live in the kind of small space that requires you to store stuff on the counter. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it also keeps your drink hotter for longer.

Stainless Steel Insulated Mug

For taking tea on the go (or coffee or any beverage, really), Zojirushi’s insulated mug is in a class of its own. The insulated mug keeps drinks so hot for so long that you’ll be surprised every sip you take.

Stoneware Mug

For your at-home tea brews, a pretty stoneware mug is a cozy option to have. Lots of people have lots of different mug preferences and, lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few alternative at-home mugs, too.

Small Tea Ball

This little tea ball is, first of all, adorable, and second of all, actually very practical. It uses perforated metal as an alternative to stainless steel mesh (and, according to William Sonoma, a superior one), which lets more of the water hit the leaves. Real tea experts will get it.

Cold Brew Tea Bottle

If you prefer brewing your tea cold, Hario also makes a cold brew tea bottle for that specific endeavor. The top half of the bottle has a tea strainer in it for long, slow brews.


To really make tea drinking special, ditch the grocery store honey and go for something local. Zach & Zoe makes a whole host of infused honeys that elevate every cup of tea. The gift set of two flavors, like raspberry and ginger, is a fun way to try out something new.

Subscription Box

Teacup and Scones of the Month

Another very good tea-adjacent gift: a subscription box to teacups and scones. This set comes with a tea cup and saucer, six scones, and an ounce of loose leaf tea.

Iced Tea Press Travel Mug

If you refuse to pay $5 for a cup of tea from a cafe, this tea travel mug will pay for itself in no time. Steep loose leaf tea in cold water to make your favorite price-conscious iced tea wherever you are.

Ceramic 13-Ounce Mug

Ceramic mugs can become a whole second hobby if that’s something you’re trying to get involved with. WooCeramicsShop on Etsy makes this cool, lightly outdoorsy mug that, aesthetically speaking, belongs in your bedtime tea routine.


Learning about tea is the kind of practice that can last a lifetime, and many of those memories disappear as quickly as the drink. Art of Tea makes a journal specifically for tea note-taking. It’s a good way to remember what you like and savor each cup in the process.

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

Getting into the actual tea tea that tea lovers drink is a project for another time but we’ll make an exception for a matcha set. It’s a pricey gift but it is special. It comes with everything you need to make a high-grade ceremonial matcha, including a whisk, sieve, scoop, cup, and, of course, the high-quality matcha powder.

Stoneware Sugar Pot

Sugar pots seem like those things that are maybe nice when someone else has them but do you really need one? That’s what makes them the perfect little gift! Small but mighty and useful every single day.

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