10 Best Vodka Glasses 2021

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Vodka: You can drink it unapologetically by itself to feel its warmth boil in your stomach, or in a cocktail for a finer, sweeter taste of sophisticated things. Either way, sip it, let it linger on your tastes buds, and feel the ABV saturate your blood vessels, bones, and nerves. Vodka is satisfying stuff.

How do you drink vodka, then? There’s no demand, no provision, like you might come across in the realm of whiskey drinkware. Any glassware works. One time, I drank it directly from the bottle, in the morning. It was my first time drinking vodka, and my first time getting drunk, and I mixed it with whole milk afterwards, making a complete fool of myself. (I’ll admit that on a whim, the hybrid was tasty.) I don’t recommend that, but I do recommend investing in some polished, refined glasses to go with your vodka drink of choice. If it looks good, it’ll taste better. Convince yourself likewise.

Lowball or highball, Martini or on the rocks, any glass that’s well-made and décor-friendly—simple as that—can make a home for itself on your bar cart for serving vodka straight or vodka concoctions. To cultivate your imagination, we’ve selected 10 glasses that will definitely look good with vodka poured into them.

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Best Vodka Glass for Martinis

Premium Martini Glass (Set of 4)

For sipping Martinis, dry or dirty, before lunch or after dinner. Supported by an elegant stem and holding eight ounces, this glassware set beckons for one fine cocktail. Just remember: One might be not enough, but you should stop before anything over two.

Most Stylish Vodka Glass

Old-Fashioned Glass (Set of 2)

Old-Fashioned glasses are for drinking cocktails over ice or liquor on the rocks. The symmetrical, hand-cut grid pattern seen here, which was inspired by busy Manhattan thoroughfares, looks like it’s sculpted from ice, hence the ice cubes or balls in your drink. It’s a delight to hold, so you gotta make sure the contents that go in it are a delight to imbibe, too.

Best Highball Vodka Glass

Verso Long Drink Glass (Set of 2)

This mouthblown long glass makes you want to guzzle a good one whenever you’re moody, but it’s only 8.5 ounces, for your safety and sobriety. It lends aesthetic to a highball. Eyeing the bubbles of a vodka soda go up its tall sides, then reach the two sweeping hand-cuts, is a truly leisurely activity for a languid weekend afternoon.

Best Coupe Vodka Glasses

The Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe (Set of 2)

No ice goes in these storied, six-inch-tall coupes, but olives or slices of lemon are always appreciated. 

Spey Double Old-Fashioned Glass (Set of 2)

Add crystal glasses with nice heft and vintage cuts inspired by art nouveau style to your drinkware collection. Old-fashioned? No. These are classic, timeless.

Stackable Tumblers (Set of 6)

Glassware can be hard to organize in storage spaces. Stack it, they say. Okay. These tumblers are modest in design but bold in size: They each hold 16 ounces of everything from a morning Screwdriver to a White Russian for dessert.

Best Lowball Vodka Glass

Shade Lowball Glasses (Set of 4)

Nude’s glassware is shaded to draw out the contrast between clarity and shadow. Just a little bit of belle, this one is crystal, with a substantial base and pleasing weight to it. The bottom resembles a prism, which’ll make your vodka practically dance.

Grand Tetons Glasses (Set of 4)

The Grand Tetons, the Rocky Mountains, Zion National Park, or Denali—the topographic impressions of iconic American, as well as international, peaks are raised at the bottom of these handblown glasses. Pour clear vodka into them, or hued concoctions, and maybe you’ll get buzzed enough to taste the mountaintops. 

Best Vodka Glass for Bloody Marys

Tulip Shaped Cocktail Glasses (Set of 4)

Tulip-shaped glasses grab attention on behalf of a Bloody Mary, the salad-like cocktail that ironically cures a hangover. This option has a short stem, steady bottom, and 17-ounce capacity to allow for a full garnish set of celery, bacon, and shrimp.

Best Vodka Glass for Moscow Mules

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 2)

Downing Moscow Mules is only legitimate when it’s done via a copper mug. And this pair is 100-percent handcrafted, pure copper, and food safe. One mug is enough for one, or two, servings, and the set comes with a jigger and straws.

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