9 Best Beer Growlers 2022

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A fan of a fresh carafe of microbrew will treat you to a lecture along the following lines: It’s not the vessel, it’s the contents of the vessel, be it a juicy IPA or crisp lager, that rocks. But the logic of the “what’s inside is all that matters” argument hardly stands if that first sip of beer turns out to be a flat, or worse, hot bore, because it wasn’t stored and transported in proper drinkware. That proper drinkware is a beer growler.

You might think, as long as it doesn’t leak, it will carry my frosty, carbonated draft brew better than a cardboard six-pack of cans. And you’re exactly right. The brewage arena now champions growlers to transport draft beer, and to keep it cold, fresh, and even gassy. The vessel has evolved from yesteryear, from fragile, cork-topped ceramic or glass canteens to pressurized, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles that shield stout and pilsner alike from sunlight while keeping it on hand, chilled, and carbonated for hours, even days.

Indeed, growlers are the salvation of any beer lover; refillable, often very sizable (usually at 64 ounces, or four pints), and durable enough to take a beating on an outdoor trip. You can be a newbie stocking up on your comfort suds before a party, a seasoned home-brewer looking for a means of storing your creation, or a craft superfan in need of a carrier for the hops you just picked up from the distillery. Whatever the case, you have more than a few best beer growler choices that will give you the bang for your buck right here.

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Best Overall Beer Growler

uKeg Go

uKeg Go is truly the best beer transporter for a life of sipping pints on the go from a pressurized pitcher. You’ll finally say yes to carbs—as in, carbonation—with uKeg. Its inline carbonation cap dispenses CO2 from cartridges at your chosen level so you can go AHHHH while quenching your thirst, instead of just ahh. Its double-walled, vacuum-insulated, powder-coated finish promises a freshness that lasts for weeks, which means you can savor your crisp, freshly carbonated pour on tap whenever you itch for it.

Best Stainless Steel Beer Growler

64oz. Growler

Hydro Flask probably wants to make everything in this world vacuum-insulated and stainless steel, so it created what it says was the first stainless steel growler on the market. The durability is apparent. On the front of every sip being cold and still-carbonated during long, happy hours at the campsite or music festival, this growler’s double-walled insulation and leakproof lid has that covered—and sealed, tightly, for 24 hours of chill.

Best Outdoor Beer Growler

Classic Easy-Pour 64oz. Growler

Stanley’s beer vessel encapsulates a classic style approved by dads and a sturdiness defiant of anything thrown its way by Mother Nature. Its vacuum insulation keeps the pints icy for up to 24 hours, and its build stays pressurized through any bumpy ride. Stanley’s classic growler is designed with weekend picnickers in mind. Tailgaters too, as well as hikers, campers, and office workers (for holding coffee, not beer). When you’re ready, take up the handle to serve some well-maintained IPA, and refill the jug with ease later on. And it’s dishwasher safe, so you’ll never be jump-scared by mold.

Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

While Coleman’s growler isn’t exactly proactive about keeping carbonation, your suds will stay frosty for up to 76 hours in its double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel construction. This heavy-duty outdoor jug gives you access to ale or malt at the exact right temperature on any backpacking trip, or just in the backyard for three days in a row, as long as you want to keep the hops coming. And it’s got a textured grip that defies sweaty hands. Take it with you on a canoe trip, or a bike ride, or anywhere.

64oz. Travel Keg with Keg Cap

While we don’t recommend incorporating craft brew into every physical activity, some pressurized growlers are just too damn tempting. And one that will keep a bar-fresh brew chilled for 45 hours, like DrinkTanks’ travel keg, will coax you into chugging the beer out of it during any adventure. Its “Keg Cap” system can top the vessel up with CO2, recharging the carbonation as needed over time. Wrapped up with a pour faucet that eschews any unnecessary out-flow of carbonation, every pour is bound to be as crisp as the first one.

Pressurized 128oz. Growler Tap System

If buying a full keg of beer is too much for you—frankly, it’s too much for anyone—then get the next-best option, a keg-shaped growler that holds a gallon of beer, equivalent to nearly 10 pints. After the first pour, your homebrew, macro-brewery draft, or craft will stay fresh for about two months in the fridge. During those weeks, the growler’s CO2 pressure regulator and cartridges will foster taproom-level carbonation, and you can monitor its PSI from the gauge, fine-tuning the pressure if desired.

Best Glass Beer Growler

Amber Glass 64 oz. Beer Growlers (Pack of 2)

A dedicated home beer brewer likely needs more than just one growler, thus, some old-fashioned glass growlers that are affordable will hit all the right notes. Ilyapa’s vintage-designed, amber-hued glass growler is one that will keep the ultraviolet light from marring your dedicatedly homemade beer and causing it to go foul. You can rest assured that it will also carry the sweet aroma of sud only, not metal. Try it out for brewing wine, cider, or kombucha, too.

Best Beer Growler for Countertops

uKeg Carbonated 64oz. Growler

The inevitability of flat beer is any spacious beer growler’s biggest nemesis, except for GrowlerWerks’ uKeg carbonated growler (the less-portable version of the uKeg Go). With it, you can dispense brews from a CO2-powered regulator tap without having to open the jug and letting the pressure out. Its antique-looking CO2 pressure gauge even allows you to adjust your level of frothiness. Put it on the home bar, fill it with some draft beer, and you’ll come across no obstacle to enjoying cold, bubbly beer for weeks to come. (It also comes in a 128oz. size.)

Most Stylish Beer Growler Design

64oz Growler

Not only does this beer growler have a leak-proof lid, a pressure-locking clasp, and double-wall vacuum insulation, but it shows off a clean silhouette, like a pitcher. Dressed in BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel, MiiR’s growler will not impart any flavor into your brews. The handle and narrow mouth will also make pouring a swift, clean process. But what really will make you feel good about MiiR is that every purchase helps support its nonprofit partners.

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