33 Controversial Food Opinions

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I’d like to have a word with the avocado-haters.

Part of being human is having opinions. But sometimes those opinions are hugely unpopular… especially when it comes to food preferences. So Redditor u/PairWorldly169 asked, “What is the most controversial food opinion you have?” Here’s what people chimed in with.


“I think egg yolks are gross when runny. Fully cooked yolks for me, please.”


“There’s no such thing as a ‘special occasion’ food. For example, cake is often associated with a party. But I’m a grown man and if I want cake because it’s Wednesday I’m going to go get myself a Wednesday cake.”


“No recipe is sacred. They’re all eligible for reinterpretation regardless of your emotional attachment to them.”


“I think cilantro tastes like soap. It is very hard having this gene in a primarily Mexican community where people are constantly telling me I’m a picky eater. But no, I don’t want my tacos to taste as if they were drenched in Fabuloso cleaner.”


“You can eat whatever you want at any time of day. Have a three-course pasta feast for breakfast. People say don’t eat it in the morning if it’s not a ‘breakfast food,’ but when it comes to your own diet, you can do whatever the heck you want.”


“Cooking with wood or charcoal is absolutely superior to cooking with propane.”


“I like brownies and ice cream separately, but i don’t like brownies in my ice cream. That being said, ice cream on top of a brownie is A-OK.”


“Orange Tic Tacs are not breath mints. They are straight-up candy.”


“Frozen blueberries are better than fresh blueberries. When we used to go blueberry picking, I would freeze the berries before eating them. Even half-frozen, they taste sweeter than when fresh.”


“If I crack an egg on anything while re-heating it, it has magically become a breakfast food.”


Not many foods on earth — no matter the price tag — can top the taste of fresh bread still warm from the oven topped with butter.”


“Muffins are just cake disguised as breakfast food.”


“MSG is awesome. I put it in a salt shaker mixed 50/50 with table salt, and use it in everything that calls for salt. Pure umami is a game changing ingredient.”


“We all have to stop it with the ‘secret family recipes.’ Every damn time I ask for one of my mother’s recipes I get a lecture from someone about not sharing it with anyone. Come on, it’s a ragu sauce, not nuclear launch codes.”


“Hot sauce doesn’t add flavor, it adds heat. It makes good food taste like nothing except for the spicy hot sauce. No hot sauce on my eggs, please and thank you.”


“Eating the same thing every day and never mixing up your routine is totally fine.”


“The difference between fine coffee and great coffee is not worth the amount of energy people spend trying to achieve that difference.”


“Cherry Coke is better than Regular Coke. Fight me.”

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“Parmesan cheese improves the flavor of literally any single soup.”


“People like to shame American cheese as heavily processed, fake stuff, but it’s absolutely delicious…especially on a burger.”


“Cereal makes for a lousy breakfast, but it’s a really great dessert.”


“I don’t like tomatoes as a topping on sandwiches, burgers, etc…For me it’s all I taste and it’s super overpowering.”

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“Ruffles potato chips are best when dipped in cottage cheese.”


“Oreo cream filling is disgusting. The chocolate cookie is absolutely the best part and quite frankly, the only part worth eating.”


“Avocado tastes like absolutely nothing to me. It baffles me why people are so obsessed with it.”



“Avocado is extremely overrated. It tastes like mushy blandness. It has almost no flavor except a hint of grass.”



“If you put nuts in brownies you are an evil person.”


“Most food aversions you have are because your parents didn’t know how to cook that food correctly.”


“It is completely justifiable to break up with someone who is an excessively picky eater.”


“Cold leftovers have more flavor than re-heated leftovers. IMO, after you heat up food, all you can taste is the heat.”


“Coconut water tastes like water that’s already been in someone else’s mouth and was spit out.”


“Oatmeal is best when savory. I love eating it with broccoli and cheese so much better than loading it up with fruit and/or sugar.


“Processed cheese is delicious, and I don’t care what people say. When I want to make a cheese sauce, I simply do not have the time nor the patience to grate a block of cheese, make a roux, and a béchamel to melt the cheese into. Give me a good old block of Velveeta any day.”


“Truffles smell (and taste) like dirty feet.”

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