“AITA If I Sell My Family Home Because My Pregnant Sister-In-Law Ate My Dinner?” Reddit

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To start things off, most people agreed that the original poster wasn’t an asshole — and that her pregnant sister-in-law has been completely out of line.

“They stomped all over you, they didn’t treat you like family, so why should you treat them that way? You’re fine, mate, your uncle is the one evicting them not you.”

— Anonymous

“This also goes further than her eating your dinner. It’s about your mother’s, brother’s, and SIL’s entitlement thinking that they can get their own way because of their own selfish reasons. NTA in any way, shape, or form.”


“NTA. I’m eight months pregnant, so you can tell her from me that it is not excusable. I love my food, especially at the moment, but being pregnant does not give you an excuse to steal food or act like an asshole. I would say that it’s important she has housing sorted as she is going to have a baby who needs shelter, but it doesn’t have to be with you. I think it is 100% understandable you wouldn’t want to live with someone so disrespectful and rude.”


If the brother and SIL are old enough to make and keep a baby, they’re old enough to sort out housing entirely on their own. Their housing and their baby aren’t the OP’s responsibility.


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