City of Boston 2021 payroll at-a-glance

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The city’s payroll, dropped on a snowy Friday afternoon during school vacation week, shows a blizzard of payouts. Here’s the 2021 Boston payroll at-a-glance:

$1.2M paid to two police officers in back-pay settlements

8,700 city employees earned $100,000 and up last year

2,905 teachers were among that group ($191,367 was the top teacher pay)

11,718 earned $75,000 and up

60 employees earned $100,000 or more in overtime (wire inspectors and police)

1 police officer earned $400,000-plus

2 mayors (Michelle Wu, Kim Janey) earned $100,000 and up for council and mayoral pay

37 police and fire workers took home $300,000 or more

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