The Best Mac And Cheese Brands, Ranked And Reviewed

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I’ve blind taste-tested and ranked a few grocery store staples now (like marinara sauces and frozen pepperoni pizzas), and the specific element that sets boxed mac ‘n’ cheese apart from the others is the sheer range of flavors and varieties out there. I mean, holy COW, it never ends! As a once-very-young millennial, I remember seeing only a couple of brands in the boxed mac section. Now, you can choose from basically every type of “cheese” known to humankind. If you have a gluten or dairy intolerance — or both — you’re covered.

All this to say: Defining the parameters of this experiment wasn’t easy, but I eventually landed on nine popular varieties that were similar enough in flavor to be comparable, without all being absolute Kraft-wannabes. 

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