‘Keep the big picture goal in mind,’ says veteran marathoner

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As thousands of runners hit the pavement each week training for the Boston Marathon, some may find it tough to balance work and family with the lengthy workouts.

If you’re getting frustrated and failing to set aside enough time to train, a veteran Boston Marathon elite runner has some advice for balancing work and life with training for April’s race from Hopkinton to Copley Square.

Rachel Hyland, 35, is a local high school teacher and has a toddler. She has run Boston four times, finishing in fourth place in 2018. Hyland is also a three-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, and just recently qualified for the 2024 trials while running the Houston Marathon.

Hyland told the Herald that a key while training is thinking about “the big picture.”

“It can definitely be challenging, but if you have a big goal and you have a limited time frame for training, it can be a lot easier to prioritize training,” Hyland said. “Because you can tell yourself you’re making these sacrifices with family and work but just for a limited period of time.”

People training for the marathon should not get caught up on missing one particular workout, she added.

“There might be a busier day at work, when I have more students who need extra help, so that might be a lower mileage day,” she said. “So you make up for missed miles on a day when you have fewer meetings or your class schedule is lighter.

“If you didn’t hit the mileage target in one week, then do it during the next week,” added Hyland, a Boston Athletic Association racing team member.

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