8 Best Celebrity Wines According To A Blind Taste Test

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TL;DR: Some of these celebrity wines were far better than I was expecting! And some were worse.

• If you’re looking for an approachable and easy-drinking rosé for the warm weather: John Legend’s LVE rosé is a good bet at a reasonable price tag.

• If you love white wines that are crisp and fresh: Cameron Diaz’s organic Avaline was very solid. I think it appeals to the vast majority of white wine drinkers. 

• If you love structured red wines: Zac Brown’s Uncaged was the best of the red wines I sampled, and seriously blew away my expectations. It’s structured enough to please cabernet people, but light enough for a pinot lover’s palate. I would definitely buy this wine again.

• Snoop and Martha, I’m sorry. You’re both iconic and I adore you, but I hated your wines.

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