A Look Back: March 15

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Published: 3/15/2022 7:00:55 AM

Modified: 3/15/2022 7:00:14 AM

50 Years Ago

■Mrs. Dorothy Ladd of 163 Kennedy Road, Northampton, wife of Northampton National Bank President Everett Ladd, caught a 41-pound, 87-inch sailfish while fishing out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. last month. It was her first deep sea fishing trip, and she will receive a citation for her catch.

■The Solid Waste Management Committee last night scheduled another recycling operation for March 25. Glass bottles, newspapers, metal cans, rags and other recyclable materials will be collected at the DPW station on Locust Street. Mrs. Julie Saner has been placed in charge of publicity for the event.

25 Years Ago

■Amherst’s Jamila Wideman is the subject of a compelling cover story in this week’s Sports Illustrated. The article wrenchingly examines the disparate, and often tragic, elements in Wideman’s life, and how she kept her troubles at bay through her love of basketball.

■Superior Court Judge John F. Murphy Jr. is retiring today after 18 years on the bench. Murphy, who turns 70 on Sunday, leaves a legacy as a hardworking, fair and unassuming judge who would have stayed on the bench for many more years were it not for a mandatory retirement law.

10 Years Ago

■Don’t call it Kollmorgen any longer. The official new name of Kollmorgen Electro-Optical on Village Hill is L-3 KEO. The change is the result of the sale of the company last month to L-3 Communications of New York City.

■While most homeowners who have gone solar tend to attach panels to their roofs, Northampton is about to see construction of its first residential ground-mounted system. Northampton attorney Patrick Melnik and his wife, Alice, intend this spring to install a 25-kilowatt solar array in a meadow not far from their Leeds home on Chesterfield Road.

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