913 new cases, 6 deaths

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The state recorded 813 new COVID-19 cases and six more deaths on Friday as the fatality count, the last lagging indicator of a coronavirus surge, continues its plunge.

Though wastewater metrics show an uptick in the prevalence of COVID-19, there’s no sign of it in the daily state health reports as of this point.

The 813 new cases remains low, if up sightly from a few days ago, and the seven-day rolling case average is at 498, the lowest since July.

Similarly, the rolling positive test rate has leveled out now at 1.68%, sitting around the same level it was at before the omicron-variant-driven surge. State health officials have said throughout the pandemic that rates under 5% show testing is doing a good job picking up cases.

The six daily deaths is a welcome low number, as that’s the last metric to come down after a surge. The seven-day average is 6.9, and it’s in the middle of a sharp drop, after the other numbers largely have leveled out.

Hospitalizations are also down, now at 231. Of those, only 67 are actually in the hospital because of COVID complications, with the rest being in for an unrelated reason and then testing positive.

Among the hospitalized are 38 people in intensive-care units and 15 intubated.

In total, 18,932 people are confirmed to have been killed by the highly contagious disease. That number dropped by several thousand earlier this month after the state narrowed the definitions around that metric.

Wastewater analysis, an indicator that often portends an increase in cases, has shown a higher prevalence of COVID-19 in the Boston area over the past several days, particularly south of town. Scientists have said it bears watching if the poop has the scoop of an increase in cases.

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