The Best Iced Coffee From Popular Chains, Ranked

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JON-MICHAEL: Though it smelled sweet, it tasted very watery, and thinking about the color of the coffee, it was also much lighter in color than #1. In fact, I tasted more oat milk than coffee, which, for a coffee lover, is less than ideal.

TESSA: Really transparent, REALLY watery, and genuinely did not even need milk when I drank it black because it was so watered down. With milk, it really tastes like nothing…it’s just watery milk.

JEN: It tastes really watered down. I can’t really even taste the coffee!

HANNAH: I did NOT like this one. It tasted like straight garbage. Like motor oil. Somehow bitter AND watery. This is coffee you would get at a gas station or, like, coffee you would get for free while waiting at an auto shop for your car to be fixed. It felt thinner/lighter than the last; the oat milk mixed in a lot easier and made the coffee take on the taste of the stevia and oat milk rather than the flavors blending. Gross.

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