You Can Now Get Caramilk Mousse Cake And I’m Already Drooling

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[In the voice of Lizzie McGuire]: “This is what dreams are made of!”

In some very important news, the geniuses at Cadbury and Sara Lee have teamed up to offer Australians the ultimate little choccy treat: the Caramilk mousse cake.

Yep, you read that right. CARAMILK 🤤 MOUSSE 🤤 CAKE 🤤.

Proving you can never have too much Caramilk, this delicious creation features a Caramilk mousse layer, topped with Caramilk sauce, sprinkled with Caramilk pieces and, of course, you’ve got a scrumptious biscuit base as the foundation.


Excuse the cake being a little melted. We couldn’t wait to get our grubby paws stuck into this.

Now, this is one indulgent dessert — meaning that you can take your sweet, sweet time eating it and have Caramilk for days.


Caramilk for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Kidding! Unless… 👀

If you’re already drooling at the mouth thinking about this mousse cake, clean yourself up and head on over to Coles and Woolies to secure one for yourself now.

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