12 Healthy Snacks I Tried This Month

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My final thoughts:

Of everything I tried, here are my top three favs:

1. tbh Hazelnut Cocoa Spread: It’s DELICIOUS with strawberries and bananas. I can’t get enough!

2. Like Air Puffcorn: UNREAL. My roommate and I have been trying to find a store near us that has the original and white cheddar flavors because we now don’t know how to function without our midday puffcorn break.

3. Day One Sparkling Water + CBD: Seriously, best sleep of my freakin’ life. I felt SO relaxed, and I am NEVER relaxed. 😅 

No matter what you’re choosing to snack on, you should enjoy it! If I’m craving M&Ms or Doritos, I’m still gonna get myself the M&Ms or the Doritos. But, I enjoyed learning about a variety of snacks that are better for me, and, in many cases, better for the planet! Though I might not be a passionate lover of beef jerky or dates now, I still tried something new. It’s cool to learn about the diverse range of snacking options out there. Plus, I’m also walking away with some new favorites to add to my pantry. Happy snacking!

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