Kura Sushi to Open at South Bay in Dorchester

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A chain of sushi restaurants that just opened its first New England location in the Boston area is going to be opening a second location, with this one being just south of downtown.

According to a page within the website for the chain, Kura Sushi is planning to open at South Bay in Dorchester, joining a recently-opened outlet at Arsenal Yards in Watertown. Expect the upcoming restaurant to feature conveyor belt sushi in which food items move by each table, allowing diners to choose what they want as the food goes by.

Kura Sushi started out in Japan in 1977 and now has over 500 locations in the United States and Asia.

The address for the upcoming Kura Sushi at South Bay is 39A District Avenue, Dorchester, MA, 02125. The website for the chain is at https://kurasushi.com/

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