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“The City’s seasonal, Spring to Fall street-sweeping program starts Thursday, April 7.

The program runs until November, with sweeping on designated streets every Thursday night into Friday morning. During designated sweeping times, parking will be prohibited within the posted areas to allow sweepers full access to curbs. These focused areas of sweeping are in addition to the regular weekly schedule of street-sweeping on the City’s main thoroughfares.

Failure to move cars will result in towing. The City’s Department of Public Infrastructure is installing signs and placing flyers door-to-door on two new sweeping areas this year:

• North Street, from County Street to Rockdale Ave
• Acushnet Ave, from Nash Road to Brooklawn Street

The following locations will operate on a bi-weekly schedule:

First and third Thursday of the month:

• Dartmouth St. from Matthew St to Allen St.
• Kempton St. from Rockdale Ave. to Sixth St.
• Mill St. from County St. to Rockdale Ave.
• North St. from County St. to Rockdale Ave.
• Rivet St. from Route 18 to Hemlock St.
• Cove Road – from Brock Ave to the town line
• Cove St. – from East Rodney French Blvd. to County St.
• Route 18 – from Cove Road to Cove St

Second and fourth Thursday of the month:

• County St. from Rivet St. to Cove St.
• Ashley Blvd. from Nash Rd. to Coggeshall St.
• Acushnet Ave. from Coggeshall St. to Brooklawn St.
• North Front St. from Coggeshall St. to Nash Rd.

For a full list of affected streets, and to learn if your street will be swept on the first and third Thursdays of each month, or the second and fourth, go here.” -City of New Bedford.

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