Epic Easter Baskets from Capo & Lincoln

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Outsource your Easter sweets and take this year’s basket to great new heights with help from the teams at Lincoln Tavern & Capo Restaurant. The two South Boston-based faves are putting together pre-orderable packages full of housemade treats – chocolate bunnies, funfetti cake pops, cookies, macrons, bonbons, marshmallow peeps and more – to make the holiday super festive (and super easy).  You can go for the whole shebang for $75, or choose from a curated selection of a la carte options (including white, milk or dark chocolate Pinata Chocolate Eggs which come filled with jelly beans Orders have to be in by Thursday, April 14th for pick-up at the time of your choice on the 15th, 16th or 17th so get crackin’. You can peep the offerings below or hop on over to the Capo website to explore all the possibilities (and to place your order once you’re ready). You can also email Brooke with any Qs.


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