New Bedford mom grateful for school bus monitor’s quick actions after her son has a seizure – New Bedford Guide

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Could you get a message put up for us? My son had a seizure as he was coming off the bus this week and his bus monitor was amazing. I just want to extend my appreciation for what she did.

Haydyn had a seizure as he was stepping off the bus. I just need to extend my appreciation to the bus monitor for her help and for remaining calm while she helped us carry him to the grass so I could get him to a flat surface and make sure he was stable and breathing.

I could tell she was really scared, but I want her to know she did well and we appreciate her help and patience. I reached out to Trembley’s Bus so they can inform her that he is ok and stable so she won’t worry all weekend. I hope she is not all shook up. SHE DID GREAT!

Please know he is fine and doing well as back to his baseline. You did amazing.” -Cass Fortin ❤️

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