Not Just Chocolate :: Curating Themed Easter Baskets

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It seems like there’s always some holiday or another we mothers are preparing for. Well, it’s time to turn our focus to Easter and the Easter basket. It’s always something!

But this year, as I’m thinking about what to fill my girls’ baskets with, I’ve realized I’m tired of giving them chocolate. Yes, chocolate is fun, classic, and delicious, and I will most definitely include some in their baskets (or their Easter egg hunt), but eventually, enough is enough, and since my little one has the same amount of self-control around chocolate as I do (none), the Easter Bunny really shouldn’t give her an endless supply.

This Easter, I plan to curate themed baskets for each of my daughters. I’m a mom who likes to keep things simple — Target and Amazon are my go-tos for holiday gifts, and if I can’t get items there or somewhere equally accessible, it won’t go in our baskets. I’ve come up with the following theme ideas to avoid the chocolate trap I often find my girls (and myself) in at the end of the Easter holiday.

Beach/pool Easter basket

Basket items: a bathing suit, swim towel, beach ball, pool floats, beach toys, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

A basket like this is perfect for kiddos from babies to teens, with minor adjustments to sizes and accoutrements.

Bath/shower Easter basket

Basket items: bubble bath, Bath Dropz, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioner, a fluffy loofah, new bath towel/robe, and some lotion/deodorant/body spray for after

Who can’t use more supplies for the tub?!

Outdoor fun Easter basket

Basket items: sidewalk chalk, a bubble machine with extra bubble solution, kites, lawn games (like ring toss, corn hole, or giant Jenga), and hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen

I am planning to spend as much time as possible outdoors this spring and summer!

Gardening Easter basket

Basket items: seeds (for flowers, fruits, or vegetables), soil and pots (if needed), gardening tools, gloves, a watering can, and hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen

Add a fun gardening book like this one to make it fun and educational!

Movie Easter basket

Basket items: a DVD, popcorn, comfy PJs, candy, and a blanket to snuggle (or, a gift card to the local theater for the older kids!)

Game night Easter basket

Grab some classics or try some new games — check out some Boston mom favorites and add them to your game library! Then, add some favorite snacks and drinks to complete the basket and have a family fun night ready to go. 

Coloring Easter basket

Basket items: crayons, markers, coloring pencils, coloring books, blank paper, or how-to-draw books

I usually use holidays or birthdays to buy the special colors (like glitter or pearl) that my girls really love.

New driver Easter basket (for a teen driver!)

Basket items: gift card to the gas station, air fresheners, car wash certificates, wiper fluid, and a fancy new key chain

Those are just a few ideas I’ll be sharing with the bunny this year. I’m pretty sure he will also include chocolate, but it won’t be the main ingredient in our baskets. By finding things my girls love, I’m hoping they will have a memorable Easter morning that will continue on throughout the spring and summer with fun activities indoors and out. What will be in your basket this year?

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