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Back in 2019, a handful of the local boys lacrosse teams made deep state tournament runs, including in New Hampshire with Pelham and then in Massachusetts with Billerica, Dracut and Littleton. The following year was cancelled due to COVID-19, and last year six teams competed in the Open MIAA State Tournament, including Chelmsford, who was the No. 1 seed in Division 1 North.

Entering this season, things are different. The MIAA will have its new statewide tournament, and locally many of the teams are hoping to first make it to the top 32 and then survive as long as they possibly can.

In the Merrimack Valley Conference, Chelmsford will look to repeat its undefeated regular season, while Billerica will be led by returning league all-stars Conor Doherty and Scottie Einarson. Dracut returns Brock Desmarais, who can dominate games and Tewksbury should be much improved.

Over in the Commonwealth Athletic Conference, Lowell Catholic won 10 games a year ago and returns the brother duo of Sean and Colin King, who were league all-stars. Shawsheen is always very competitive and will look to veterans Ryan Dusablon, Aydan Churchill, Dylan Timmons and Jacob Martins to lead the way.

In Central Mass, North Middlesex is coming off a 13-win season, Littleton looks to improve on its .500 record. Also, Tyngsboro is back as its own program after being a Co-Op with Littleton for a year.

Over in the Dual County League, Westford is hoping to get back on track behind Ryan McCarthy, Aiden Peterson, Sam Cioffi and Drew Wilson.

This is also the year for new coaches. Six will enter the picture this season including: James Wilson at Gr. Lowell, Mark Parkinson at Littleton, Haydn Matarazzo at Lowell, Jordan Porter at Nashoba Tech, Brian Johnson at Pelham and Ryan Crowley at Tyngsboro.


League: New Hampshire Division 2

Last Year’s Record: 2-12

Returning Letterwinners: Joseph Ribeck, jr., midfield; Eric Allard, sr., attack; Jared Graham, sr., attack; Connor Hall, jr., midfield; Cole Bucknam, jr., midfield; Jonavan Santana, soph., LSM; Aiden Kelly, soph., goalie.

Promising Newcomers: Cameron Kennedy, soph., defense; Sam Stratton, sr., defense; Dominic Willard, sr., defense; Bradley Morse, defense.

Coach Jason Downey (5th season): “We’re still young but contain a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to a very competitive and exciting season. We are expecting big things from Ayden Kelly in net. The back three on defense are starting to come together.”


League: Merrimack Valley Conference Division 1

Last Year’s Record: 11-6

Captains: Dom Terrazzano, jr., attack; Scottie Einarson, jr., goalie; Brady Hunt, sr., attack; Cole Longuemare, sr., midfield; Conor Doherty, sr., midfielder.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Steven Lucozzi, sr., midfielder,; Steven Lankowski, sr., midfielder; Chris Hunt, jr., midfielder; Jason Martin, jr., midfielder; Conor Gibson, jr., midfielder; Alex Gualtieri, jr., midfielder; John Caserta, sr., attack; Kyle Breitwiser, jr., defense; Dom Gird, sr., defense; Nicholas Magliozzi, jr., defense; Michael Riddle, sr., defense; Alexander Lizotte, sr., defense; Joseph Harty, sr., defense; Aidan Gibbons, soph., attack; Colin Gearin, sr., Goalie; Jack Smith sr., defense.

Promising Newcomers: Steven Gentile, fr., midfielder; Kam Tremblay, 8th., attack; Michael Rizzutto, 8th., defense; Cam Penti, fr., midfielder; Eddie Conley, fr. Midfielder; Torin Levy, fr., attack; Timothy Murphy, 8th., midfielder.


League: Merrimack Valley Conference

Last Year’s Record: 10-5

Senior Tri-Captains: Josh Gagnon, midfield; Dan Smart, attack; Kai McDonald, defense.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Brock Desmarais, jr., midfield; Joe Wilkie, jr., defense; Andrew Titus, sr., attack; Timin Carter, jr., midfielder; Charlie Maraganis, soph., defense.

Promising Newcomers: Mitchell Cripps, sr., midfield; Colby Downer, jr., attack; Jake Troung, sr., midfield.

Coach Paul Ganley (8th season): “We will look to continue to compete with the top teams in the MVC and will look to continue to put a strong team on the field day in and day out.”


League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference

Last Year’s Record: 0-14

Captains: Troy Brown, sr., defense; Damon Oeur, sr., defense; Caleb Norris, jr., goalie.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Jason Golden, soph., midfield; Jeremy Morin, sr., attack; Shaun Mclusky, soph., defense; Alex Langlois, jr., defense; AJ Therault, soph., midfield; Lorenzo Ruiz, jr., midfield; Brady Romano, jr., midfield; Iziah Small-Lambert, sr., midfield; Jacob Ventura, jr., midfield; Hason Gadue, sr., defense.

Promising Newcomers: Cameron Nangle, fr., attack; Zach Hudon, sr., attack; Colin Norris, fr., defense; Teewon Krah, sr., defense; Tyler Smith, fr., midfield; Christian Melendez, jr., midfield; Michael Machiando, jr., midfield.

Coach James Wilson (1st year): “We are looking to rebound from a winless season with our top scorer, Jason Golden, returning and many returning starters.”


League: Midland Wachusett League Division B.
Last Year’s Record: 1-12

Senior Co-Captains: Matt Lesser, goalie; Hunter Woolfrey, SSM.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Ryan Smyth, sr., defense; Jason Leonardo, sr., SSM; Derek Leedberg, jr., defense; Aidan Shreve, jr., defense; Harrison Palmer, jr., goalie; Preston Southwick, jr., faceoff/middie; Wes Garibotto, jr., midfield; Finn Bernard, jr., midfield; Evan Laudenslager, sr., attack; Gabe Pierantozzi, sr., attack; Nate Spinale, sr., attack; Caden Woolfrey, soph., SSM; Brady Henehan, soph., attack; Kyle Keith, soph., middie.

Promising Newcomers: Kyle Ricci, fr., midfield; John Duffy, fr., defense.

Coach Rick Clark (3rd season): “We are a very improve team with many dedicated players. There is a talent and spirit that is contagious. We are expecting a successful year.”


League: Midland Wachusett C

Last Year’s Record: 7-7

Senior Tri-Captains: Aiden Leducsr, LSM; Colin Murphy, goalie; Garrett Shimmel, middie.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Cam Noyes, jr., attack; Luke Laferty, jr., attack; Brian Marrese, jr., middie; Alex Delorenzo, jr., middie; Gregory Dechane, jr., attack; Ryan Johnson, jr., attack; Connor MacNeil, jr., defense; Gage Carroll, soph., goalie; Tim Sturtz, jr., middie; Brady Decoste, jr., middie.

Promising Newcomers: Josh Manickam, sr., attack; Richie Powderly, sr., defense; Cody Shearer, sr., middie; Zack Milner, fr., middie; Brendan Laferty, fr., LSM/defense.

Coach Mark Parkinson: “Littleton is looking to build on the success we had last season with a young team. We only graduated two seniors last year and we have a few players that have come back to playing lacrosse in Littleton (Josh Manickam, Richie Powderly and Cody Shearer) who should play large roles in our 2022 season. We have some tough games right out of the gate, but I know the boys are looking forward to all the challenges that await them. As is the case with every season, we’re looking to continuing the LHS Lacrosse tradition and building on it as well.”


League: Merrimack Valley Conference

Last Year’s Record: 3-11

Captains: Ayden Chabak, jr., defense; Evan Finn, sr., attack; Mike Pickett, sr., midfield.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Andrew Blaschke, jr., defense; Collin Pickett, jr., attack; Nate Haley, sr., midfield; Aiden Mulligan, soph., goalie; Ethan You, jr., midfield; John Geary, jr., midfield; Devlyn Schmidt, sr., midfield.

Promising Newcomers: Dimitri Sao, sr., midfield; Nick Van Dinter, fr., attack; Matthew Lesniak, fr., attack; Besharlie Anderson, sr., midfield; Giovanna Mattos Ventura, sr., midfield; Evan Blaschke, fr., defense; Alex Gacuga, fr., midfield.

Coach Haydn Matarazzo (1st season): “We have a strong returning sophomore goalie and returning defenders. We have a young offense and team, and we’re looking to improve from last year.”


League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference

Last Year’s Record: 10-3

Senior Co-Captains: Sean King, LSM; Colin King, attack/middie.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Will MacFayden, sr., goalie; Nicholas Lopez, sr., goalie; Keegan Boyden, soph., defense; Nate Parriera, soph., defense; Al Pescatore, sr., defense; Nick Sawyer, jr., defense; Justin Roche, sr., midfield; Danny Kierce, sr., midfield; Patrick Drew, sr., midfield.
Promising Newcomers: Owen King, 8th, attack; Andrew Marcucci, fr., attack; Braedyn Hiltz, soph., attack; Kyle D’Auteuil, jr., attack; Riley Nichols, jr., middie; Jake West, fr., middie; Dylan Eld, soph., middie; Jack Martins, fr., middie; James Kierce, soph., middie; Paul Storey, jr., defense; Danny Chasse, jr., defense.
Coach Zach O’Steen (5th year): “We have good senior leaders, and some good young players. We hope to be competitive in every game we play this season.


League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference

Last Year’s Record: 5-8

Captains: Connor Buchmann, jr., LSM; Jack Dennehy, sr., attack; Ryan Vidal, sr., middie.

Returning Letterwinners: Anthony Panetta, soph., faceoff/middie; Elijah Murphy, sr., LSM; Cameron Arsenault, sr., attack; Greg Carmel, soph., attack; Tyler Artist, sr., LSM; Christopher Filz, sr., LSM; Dominick Honnor, soph., LSM.

Promising Newcomers: Jayden Auger, fr., attack; Anthony Debenedictis, jr., LSM; Jack Donovan, fr., goalie; James Mullen, fr., LSM.

Coach Jordan Porter (1st season): “I’m looking forward to this season. We got a lot of you sophomores that are stepping it up to be on varsity. I’m grateful that these kids get to have a season now that COVID is on the decline. My captains are the heart of this team. They are helping out new freshmen that have never played before. They go into practice everyday with the attitude I set at the beginning of the season that we need to win the day.”


League: Mid-Wach B

Last Year’s Record: 12-4

Returning Letterwinners: Ryan Ahearn, soph., goalie; Luke McLean, soph., goalie; Will Connors, sr., defense; Connor Burson, soph., defense; Tighe Cunio, jr., defense; Sam LaCreta, fr., defense; Joe Polito, sr., attack; Joe Williams, soph., attack; Mason Schultz, soph., attack; Shaun Highley, soph., middie; Jimmy O’Keefe, jr., middie; TJ Murphy, sr., middie; Jake Dwight, fr., middie; Dustin Fournier, jr., middie/face-off; Tighe Archchambault, sr., attack; Darien Crawford, jr., middie/attack; Drew Castrios, sr., middie; Finn McNabb, fr., middie/attack.

Promising Newcomer: Jake Dwight

Coach Sean McCaffery (7th season): “We return a lot of starters from last year but have moved up to Mid Wach B and will need to play up to the higher level of competition.”


League: New Hampshire Division 3

Senior Quad-Captains: Justin Roche, goalie; Ethan Giniewicz, faceoff/middie; Connor Hamilton, attack; Tyler Katin, attack.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Memphis Patterson, soph., defense; Cam Cooke, soph., midfielder; Keegan McKenney, sr., midfielder; Cam Cote, jr., midfielder.

Promising Newcomers: Mason Frechette, fr., middie; Ben Howe, fr., middie; Michael Brodeur, jr., defense.

Coach Brian Johnson (1st year): “We have great senior leadership and some real talent throughout the team. We expect to compete for the State Championship.”


League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference
Last Year’s Record: 8-4

Senior Quad-Captains: Ryan Dusablon, defense; Aydan Churchill, LSM; Dylan Timmons, middie; Jacob Martins, middie.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Mike Lawson, jr., attack; Kyle Gray, soph., attack; Kyle Brouillette, sr., attack; Mason Morneau, soph., middie; Rich Elliott, soph., attack; Teagan Ledoux, soph., middie; Chase Darcey, soph., middie; Caleb Caceras, soph., middie/faceoff; Eddie Peterson, soph., defense; Quinn Guinane, soph., goalie; Christian Robson, sr., defense; Tyler Leeds, sr., goalie; Derek Maguire, jr., middie; Kyle Knell,  jr., defense; Evan Curtis, jr., middie/faceoff.

Promising Newcomers: Ryan Feudo, soph., defense; Bruce Green-Audette, soph., goalie; Brayton Carbone, fr., middie; Mike Giordano, fr., attack; A.J. Parrella, fr., defense; Zack Timmons, fr., attack; Adam Priest, fr., attack.

Coach Chuck Baker (17th season): “We return a lot of players from last season so I am confident we should be ready to go game one. I have the hopes that we are a solid defensive team and a great ball movement team.”


League: Merrimack Valley Conference Division 2

Last Year’s Record: 1-11

Senior Co-Captains: Jason Cooke, attack; Caden Connors, middie.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Braydon Aylward, soph., attack; Cody Mercuri, sr., attack; Sean Lane, sr., midfield; Skyler Schieding, soph., goalie; Aiden Hartmann, sr., defense; Justin Darrigo, jr., defense; Ryan Fleming, jr., defense; Tyler Barnes, soph., middie; Connor Cremin, jr., middie.

Promising Newcomers: Michael Connors, soph., middie; Jaden Mercer, jr., defense; Dan Fleming, sr., midfield; Drew Rennell, soph., middie.

Coach Anthony Pontes (2nd season): “I’m excited for this season. We have some new offensive concepts we’re running that seems to fit our personal well. We have a lot of returning players that are bought in and excited to succeed this year. We have a good amount of hockey players who just won a state championship and are eager to bring that winning attitude and mentality into the lacrosse program.


League: Mid Wach C

Senior Captain: Thomas Michaud, middie.

Promising Newcomers:  Braxton Castagno, sr., attack; Luke McHugh, jr., midfield; Brett Anderson, soph., attack; Jake O’Brien, soph., midfield; Jack Salmon, fr., defense.

Coach Ryan Crowley (1st year): “(Assistant) coach Kyle Russell and I are excited to have boys lacrosse back at THS. We are THS alumni (’12) and are grateful for the opportunity to come back and rebuild a program. The athletes have shown a poise and determination to pick up where THS lacrosse left off in the 2018-19 season and are eager to compete this year.”


League: Dual County League

Last Year’s Record: 5-9

Captains: Ryan McCarthy, sr., attack; Aiden Peterson, sr., goalie; Sam Cioffi, sr., middie; Drew Wilson, jr., defense.

Other Returning Letterwinners: William Stodden, sr., attack; Ethan Ewing, sr., middie; Matthew Valcourt, sr., defense; Justin Fitzgerald, jr., middie; Declan Langenfeld, sr., middie; Luke Fremault, jr., attack; Ryan Jacobsmeier, sr., middie; Matthew Haggan, jr., middie; Jacob Power, sr., middie; Nathan Lux, sr., attack; Michael Faia, jr., middie; Lucas Krikorian, sr., defense; Ryan Ratte, sr., middie; Thomas Rose, soph., middie; Andrew Lengyel, jr., defense; Trevor Reid, jr., defense; Justin Jones, jr., defense; Benjamin Solari, jr., middie.

Promising Newcomers: Eric Palmer, fr., attack; Nicholas Burns, fr., middie; Finnegan McKeon, fr., attack; Ben Burgess, fr., defense; Jack Donovan, fr., middie.

Coach Matt Hudson (2nd season): “We have some solid returning players with some young talent. I expect us to be solid and above .500.”


League: Middlesex League Freedom Division

Last Year’s Record: 5-7

Captains: Luke Erickson, sr., middie; John Rhind, sr., middie; Nathan Alberti, jr., attack.

Other Returning Lettermen: Owen White, jr., goalie; Bobby Cyr, soph., defense; Mike Lawler, sr., middie; Jack Rooney, sr., middie; Jack Malloy, sr., middie; Alfonso Gambale, sr., attack; Tristan DiMeco, sr., middie; Brian Duggan, sr., middie; Luke Murphy, sr., middie; Will Kenyon, sr., middie.

Promising Newcomers: Luke Vitale, sr., Mohaned Said, fr., Dempsey Murphy, soph.; Justin Memory, fr., Peter LeBlanc, jr.; Yvenson Jeanty, sr., Nikolaso Iascone, soph.; Michael Daniels, jr.; James Caples, jr.; Ali Aboukal, soph.

Coach Jeff Keefe (3rd season): “We are looking to build off last year’s progress. Our goal is to make the Division 3 State Tournament and hopefully make a deep run.”

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