North Atlantic right whale mothers and calves return to Cape Cod Bay

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North Atlantic right whale mother and calf pairs have arrived in Cape Cod Bay, as whale researchers remind boaters to be alert and follow speed restrictions.

The Center for Coastal Studies’ right whale researchers on the water and in the air this week spotted four pairs of mothers and calves in the Massachusetts bay.

The North Atlantic right whale is critically endangered with only an estimated 336 animals remaining, and they are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act. That designation prohibits boats and aircraft from approaching within 500 yards of them.

It also restricts vessel speeds in designated areas, including Cape Cod waters.

“These animals are coming here after a long and perilous journey through areas not as strictly protected as Cape Cod Bay,” said Charles “Stormy” Mayo, director of the Center for Coastal Studies’ Right Whale Ecology Program.

“The bay can be seen as a nursery for right whale mothers who are nursing their calves and they will probably be around for a little while,” he added. “Mariners should be well aware that the state regulation for all boats is 10 knots or less. They need to be alert and keep watch for these animals, they can be very hard to spot.”

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