A Look Back: April 9

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Published: 4/8/2022 3:37:33 PM

Modified: 4/8/2022 3:36:32 PM

200 Years Ago

■Stebbins & Prentiss inform their friends and the public that they continue the painting and glazing business at their old stand a few rods north of the Court House in Northampton, where they will be happy to receive orders for any work in their line. House, sign and carriage painting, done with neatness and dispatch.

■Notice! The vacation of four weeks each, in the American Asylum for the education of the Deaf and Dumb, will hereafter commence on the last Wednesdays in April and September. The regular time for admission of pupils is at the close of the spring vacation. By order of the Board of Directors, T. H. Gallaudet, Hartford.

100 Years Ago

■Tourists passing on the state road through Goshen should beware of the road just west of Goshen center near the Starkweather place. On Sunday more than one car required the aid of a neighbor’s horses to extricate them from the mud. At this point the state road has no stone foundation.

■William H. Law, proprietor of the Pinehurst riding school on Gothic Street, wishes it stated that the horse from which Miss Claire Strauss of Chicago, the Smith College senior, was thrown on Sunday while riding out toward Westhampton, was not from his stables.

50 Years Ago

■Having the “time of their life” are eight boys enrolled in a woodworking class at the Hampshire Regional YMCA, a United Fund Agency, according to Ben Mysorski of the “Y” staff. The class was made possible when Irving Tukey, a retired insurance man, was recruited to serve as a volunteer to direct such a group.

■Shirley MacLaine, television and film actress, will speak at an open assembly in Wright Hall at Smith College on Monday. She will speak on Sen. George McGovern’s stand on women’s issues. Miss MacLaine has been campaigning for Sen. McGovern in New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

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