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A Main Street business has been warned by police of a possible city ordinance violation dealing with second-hand jewelry.

A sergeant spoke with the proprietor in effort to recover jewelry pawned by a suspect in a stolen jewelry case reported by a Gloucester resident in the past month. The proprietor told police the suspect had come in twice in April. The proprietor then turned over jewelry pawned by the suspect, and this was seized as evidence pending criminal charges.

The victim later identified the jewelry sold by the suspect and told investigators she was still missing a few items. A few days later, the suspect admitted to the theft to the sergeant, according to the police report, and said he went in to the shop three or four times with the jewelry, showing his identification each time and filling out a slip.

The sergeant reported going back to the shop Monday to ask about other possible transactions. The proprietor said he would check. He later told police he had not engaged in any other paid transactions with the suspect but had a drawer of junk jewelry that people give him. He suggested maybe the suspect gave him some and it got thrown in the drawer.

The victim visited the store to looked through the junk jewelry drawer but did not find her missing items.

The sergeant explained to the proprietor that any jewelry taken in is supposed to be photographed, recorded and descriptions submitted to the police per his license and city ordinance. The proprietor said he was not aware this applied to junk jewelry customers give to him.

The sergeant explained that the owner “is very aware that a small portion of what he receives is stolen jewelry and it needs to be recorded even if no cash (is) exchanged,” the report said. The proprietor said he understood and would refuse to take in such items in the future.

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