Gloucester man diagnosed with brain cancer wins $1 million on scratch ticket

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Brian Parisi plans on using some of the winnings to help his brother-in-law.

Brian Parisi of Gloucester is the first $1 million prize winner
in the “Double your Money” instant lottery game. Massachusetts State Lottery Commission

Brian Parisi of Gloucester is the first $1 million winner of the “Double Your Money” instant lottery game and is planning on using the money to pay it forward.

Parisi was seriously injured in a car accident and then diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago, according to the Massachusetts State Lottery. Parisi now plans to use his winnings to thank his brother-in-law for everything he did to help during that time. He hopes to replace the roof on his brother-in-law’s house with a portion of the funds, and plans on investing the rest of the money for himself and his two sons.

Parisi’s winning ticket was purchased at Ed’s Mini Mart located at 89 Washington Street in Gloucester. The store will receive $10,000 for the sale.

Parisi chose to receive his prize in the form of a one-time payment of $650,000 before taxes, the Massachusetts State Lottery said.

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