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It’s now official: the summer of 2022 is over.

I’m sure we’ll remember the vacations, the heatwaves and the drought as we welcome the season of autumn, wondering what is ahead.

I’m hopeful we’ve still got quite a few nice days before thoughts of cold and snow dominate the forecast. One of the notable observations seen at this time of year is the reduction of daylight.

Sunrise is later and sunset earlier, which means motorists need to be more cautious and aware of bicyclists, pedestrians and animals. Anyone out for a morning jog or an evening stroll should wear light-colored, reflective clothing and stay alert to their surroundings. Our roadways are dangerous enough but more so when visibility is reduced.

It’s been a very quiet year in the tropics thus far but checking the forecast regularly is still a must. A few weeks ago, several communities in southern New England experienced heavy rains, resulting in localized flooding.

It’s a good bet we’ll catch up in the precipitation department sooner or later but hopefully without the severe storms. A hurricane in our region is rare but plenty of notable storms have left their mark on New England over the years.

I stopped by the police station the other day and happened to see a stack of interesting materials, so I grabbed one to share with readers: “Is your house number clearly visible from the street?”

These door hangers are being used by the Police and Fire departments as a reminder of the importance of Mass. General Law C148, S59. Although some laws are not taken seriously, this is one, which could help save a life.

Helping first responders find your home in an emergency is crucial and a clearly posted unit number is essential. Every moment matters in an emergency because they often happen with little warning.

Use large numbers, at least four inches in size, with a contrasting color and be sure they are clearly visible from the street. It’s a great time to trim any trees or bushes that may have overgrown and obscure the numbers.

House numbers should be well lit and if you have a long driveway, post a number near the street, too. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen; take a few moments to check your house numbers today. Contact the Fire or Police departments with any questions and visit either Amesbury Industrial Supply or Jackson Lumber for a great selection of new numbers.

Lastly, it’s not too early to mention another fall tradition – Halloween. I spoke with Chief Craig Bailey the other day and he confirmed trick-or-treating will be happening on Monday, Oct. 31, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

As soon as the school doors open, inquiries begin about the ghostly tradition; the early notice gives you plenty of time to stockpile your supply of candy for the big day or pick out the perfect costume before the Christmas decorations fill the shelves.

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