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BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) – A police chase in Brockton came to a crashing halt in a quiet neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

Brockton law enforcement chased three juvenile occupants of a stolen car on foot after they crashed into a woman’s sedan on Hovendon Street, flipping it over with her inside.

The woman was sent to the hospital to be treated for emergency injuries, according to her brother. He said she is expected to be fine, and the family is thankful her 2-year-old son was not in the car with her like he usually is.

“I heard a massive crash,” Kevin Alles, who was hanging his Christmas lights at the time and is neighbors with the woman, said. “I came running out and as I came to the end of my driveway, the two drivers ran right by the driveway. There were obviously, or from what I heard, they were in pursuit from multiple police.”

Worried neighbors told 7NEWS the juveniles ran right through their yards, hopping fences and attempting to break into sheds and parked cars. Police said they arrested two of the juveniles, and the third ran away.

“They looked to be maybe 17 years old, if that,” Alles said.

The owner of the house and yard where the flipped car landed was at work until she was called home by a neighbor, and found the car flipped over on her front lawn.

“When I got here, the police informed me that someone had stole a vehicle, and was trying to run from law enforcement, and unfortunately they hit a young lady, and unfortunately they hit my house,” she said.

“I thought the worst, but she’s fine now. We still get to eat good and enjoy the holidays,” the woman said. “Looks like we all have a little more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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