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“A 67-year-old New Bedford man who viciously assaulted his girlfriend on multiple occasions, causing her severe injuries, was convicted by a jury of his peers on Friday in Fall River Superior Court and sentenced to serve up to 16 years in state prison, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced.

After a three-day jury trial, Peter Chongarlides was convicted of Aggravated Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Intimidation, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and two counts of Domestic Assault and Battery.

On July 13, 2021, the victim and the defendant were in a dating relationship and had been in one on and off for several years. On this date, they got into an argument. During the argument the defendant was yelling at the victim and moving toward her in a manner that she thought he was going to strike her, at which point she texted her friend for help. The friend called the police and the police went to the defendant’s house to check on the victim.

The defendant told the police the victim had not been at his house in days. After receiving more information from the friend, the police then searched the 3-family complex and found the victim hiding in the vacant 3rd floor apartment. She told police the defendant forced her to hide from the police after striking her multiple times. The defendant was arrested but eventually posted bail.

Then, in November of 2021, officers were dispatched to a Coffin Avenue residence where they met with the same victim. On this date, the defendant followed her to the residence and began arguing with her. At some point, the defendant pulled out a knife and scratched a truck owned by the victim’s ex-boyfriend, pushed her up against the truck, followed her down the street and pushed her to the ground. He then began kicking her in the head and chest while wearing work boots. The defendant then took her bag containing $75 and prescription medications.

A restraining order was taken out against the defendant, which apparently enraged him., resulting in another physical attack upon the victim. The defendant punched her in the face and when she fell to the ground he stomped on her chest. The defendant did not let her leave his apartment after this assault. She was able to escape the next morning and as she ran out the door, he chased her stating he was going to kill her. After she fled, she took a bus to St. Luke’s Hospital where she was treated for her injuries, including four broken ribs and five facial fractures that required surgery to put multiple titanium plates and screws in her face to repair the damage. She has permanent nerve damage and loss of the sensation in the left side of her face.

Despite her initial refusal to take part in the prosecution efforts, she was convinced to testify and to get assistance thanks to the work of one of our office’s Victim Witness Advocate, Mayka Rodrigues, who kept in continuous contact with the victim.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Courtney Cahill and the 11 to 16 years state prison sentence was imposed by Judge Renee Dupuis. In addition to the prison sentence, the judge also placed the defendant on an additional three years of supervised probation.

The defendant has a lengthy criminal record that dates back to 1978, and includes prison sentences for crimes of violence, heroin distribution and manslaughter. At the time of arrest, six different restraining orders had been filed against him from four different victims.

“The defendant is a career criminal. He brutally assaulted in the victim on multiple occasions, breaking her ribs and fracturing her facial bones. He clearly is a danger to the victim and the community. The sentence imposed by the court is well deserved,” District Attorney Quinn said.”

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