‘We’re so glad she’s home’

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A small dog that was stolen by two men in Beacon Hill Monday morning has been found safe and is back home, according to the nonprofit Missing Dogs Massachusetts.

Boston police has been investigating the dognapping incident after Rose — a 9-year-old mixed breed female terrier — was grabbed by a Hispanic man who then got into a blue Honda Civic with another Hispanic man.

Several hours later on Monday, Rose was reunited with her owner.

“We’re so glad she’s back home and that she’s safe,” Erin Thomas, a volunteer for Missing Dogs Massachusetts, told the Herald Monday evening.

Police did not immediately confirm that Rose had been found as of 7:45 p.m. Monday.

Before noon on Monday, the dog walker had tied up Rose and two other dogs to a pole in the area of Mount Vernon and Walnut streets in Beacon Hill when the 11-pound tan canine was stolen. The dog walker had tied up the three pups to pick up another dog on Walnut Street.

The two suspects in the blue Honda, one with blonde hair and the other with puffy hair, fled the Beacon Hill scene — heading down Walnut Street and taking a right on Beacon Street.

When the dog’s owner arrived at the scene, she told officers that her dog was wearing an apple air tag in its collar, which last pinged at 67 Beacon St.

Police searched that area, and found the apple air tag with no collar.

Later on Monday, Rose’s owner received a call from someone, asking her if she had lost her dog. The caller sent the owner pictures of the dog, and then the caller and the owner met up along with Boston police officers.

“We’re so thankful for the people who found her, and for Boston police for their help,” Thomas said.

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