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By Stephen M. Kelly. Copyright 2023.

Recently I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how Americans need to force the possibly mentally ill into care for their own good.

Well, not all the mentally ill of course but definitely the homeless or poor mentally ill into some kind of care somewhere. Crazy rich people are just called eccentric and the law looks the other way.Executives in some businesses do criminally insane deals that destroy the planet and cause harm to millions of people.

Clearly, those wealthy powerful executives can not live by society’s rules and they are a threat to others. Will society force them to get the help they need? No, the force will be applied to the powerless homeless person that thinks they are Moses or Karl Marx reincarnated.

The State can have anyone committed right now but we are protected by the current Civil Commitment Laws. Some want to change that since they believe it is best to force people somewhere for their own good. Others believe that Laws should be used to protect people from harm, especially State-enforced and corporate-sponsored harms. Supporters of these ‘Force Them’ policies need to remember America has a history of forcing people into unpleasant places. Conveniently they never mention the words reservations, plantations, mental institutions, or concentration camps.

Have you noticed that whenever someone says that the homeless should be forced into somewhere for help it is always with the same gesture? They will always lean in a little, raise a finger near their face then point that finger down twice, saying in a menacing two-count cadence “Force Them!” That behavior looks, sounds, and seems too much like Nazis raising a hand in the air and saying “Sieg Heil.” Millions of innocent people died in The Holocaust when they were forced into camps or forced into Dr. Joseph Mengele’s experiments of forced sciences.

After the Allied Militaries defeated the Nazis the world adopted the motto “Never Again.” The Holocaust started by respected medical professionals forcing the mentally ill into psychological concentration camps. Now we want to force help upon the homeless poor people who may possibly be mentally ill. Do the homeless or poor have any Allies? Never Again?

I said “may possibly be mentally ill” because Americans are supposed to have the right to a fair trial where a person can be provided an attorney to help defend them. Innocent until proven guilty or mentally incompetent is the standard we should be striving for not eroding away. Until a person is found to be mentally incompetent or guilty of a crime then they can not and should not be detained by anyone or any agency. The system is already rigged against the poor so let’s beware the slum to asylum streams coming to assist the school to prison pipelines. The prison industrial complex is merging with the pharmaceutical industry to add another wing. Do you think that’s not true? Where exactly are we the compassionate people going to force the impoverished mentally unfit too?

American mental asylums or state hospitals of the past had to be closed due to the terrifying abuse. Our own New Bedford Guide covered Taunton Hospital’s atrocity factory. Abuse of every kind from neglect, violence, rape, and torture under the guise of treatment like electro-shock therapy or lobotomies.

Even worse, in many cases the patients were used by trusted scientists and corporations to conduct tests on patients without informing the patient or their guardians. Fernald Hospital in Waltham, Massachusetts teamed up with Harvard, M.I.T., and Quaker Oats to experiment on child patients by injecting them with radioactive isotopes to see what happened. What happened was that developmentally disabled children all died in pain from the radioactive isotopes. How mentally unfit were the executives and doctors in that sick experiment?

No one ever believes those that society deems unfit and so they make the perfect victims for respected sadists. Of course, this was all done to the poor for profits and the prestige of pharmaceutical corporations. These very profitable asylums still operated until 2010 and they should never return no matter how many possibly psychotic executives want them reopened. Call them treatment facilities today or whatever words we use to cover up what they are. The heavenly exteriors and marketing campaigns covered up the hellish actions in the interiors

Some like Massachusetts’s own Danvers Hospital literally became nightmare fuel. Never again should these places exist.

The other alternative is jail or prison where people in a state of psychological crises are victimized by other inmates and an unusually cruel system. Our criminal justice system is another horror tale in itself but that’s another story. We all know that jail is no place for people that can not care for themselves. That is one of the reasons some people want to force homeless people somewhere is that they can not care for themselves. Isn’t it? They all always say that it is for their own good.

How can that be true if we do not care what happens once they are out of sight? Who is next to be forced somewhere, not sure where or what happens to them? It seems we will start by forcing on our neighbors with the least power to help. Strange sort of help that has to be forced onto people by executives and politicians. It could be the Transgender, Black, Veteran, or Jewish neighbor forced somewhere out of sight next on some trumped-up charges of being unfit.

Yes, these new Force Them methods could easily be used against you or your family. Beware the Politicians offer the Final Solution to these mentally unfit people who can not follow society’s rules. The mentally unfit executives and politicians who don’t follow the rules will, of course, not have to worry about anything. It will be crazy to criticize the government, experts will say.

I will also be crazy to question the experts, the experts will say. All the trusted experts agree that everyone goes through some sort of psychological crisis at some point. Research by pharmaceutical companies shows that most of us have form sort of permanent psychological ailment. Barbers and Hairstylists both agree that everyone needs a haircut or at least a trim, I heard.

Listen to what is being said, look where this is going, think about it all and make a decision. Force Them or Never Again?”

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