Lunch At La Forge, Newport

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I went with the classic Club Sandwich, loaded with bacon and thick layers of turkey on a crisp bed of lettuce and toasted bread, smothered in mayo.  Delicious. Because that’s what you do when dining at a classic spot:  La Forge Casino at the Tennis Hall Of Fame in Newport.

The courts were as green as ever.  We loved the Arthur Ashe tribute poster.  Really, if you ever play you must visit.  I mastered the art of the serve at Boston College.  There is even a video of me out there, somewhere, teaching people how to do it.  So, tennis is a love.

The cool drinks came in handy as it was a warm day.  That didn’t stop us from shooting lots of video (follow us on Tiktok) and see the Philadelphia Freedom episode.

My dining companion went with the Reuben Sandwich.  If you’re in Newport this summer you must stop in.  It’s a classic summer lunch.  

La Forge Newport



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