The Marble Countertop Look-Alike The Stars Of Married To Real Estate Recommend When On A Budget

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Though marble is considered a great option in terms of durability, it can get stained fast. Thanks to its porosity, things like wine and oils can turn that gorgeous white countertop into a discolored mess — not exactly what you want to deal with if you’ve forked out a ton of cash. However, as Egypt Sherrod explained in “Married to Real Estate,” porcelain is the opposite. “It’s non-porous. You can pour wine on purpose, and it won’t saturate like it would with marble,” the HGTV star explained.

She wasn’t exaggerating, there. As seen in side-by-side YouTube shorts by Best Buy Floors by Miguel, a marble slab topped with various condiments and a marker stain fared far worse than a porcelain slab with the same mess. While the marker was wiped off almost completely from the porcelain with a spritz of Windex, it didn’t budge from the marble. 

It’s not hard to see why Sherrod was eager to recommend porcelain as a more user-friendly option on top of being a more budget-friendly alternative. After all, if installing marble countertops is pricey, who wants to agonize over keeping them stain-free? That’s not to say there aren’t some things to factor into your decision to go the porcelain route, though. 

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