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Starting off the Thanksgiving travel week on a good note, not just here in New England but also up and down the East Coast. That should help out air travel (at least today) with quiet weather across the major hubs. But that will change tomorrow as we track a midweek storm.

Today is quiet, cold, and deceiving. Looking outside you’ll see plenty of sun today, but the sun will be accompanied by cold temperatures — highs only making it to about 40° this afternoon. For perspective, we should be at about 50° for highs. Of course the breeze will make it feel colder and keep wind chills around the freezing mark this afternoon. Tomorrow features less wind but clouds will increase in the afternoon ahead of our next system Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Of course in between two cold days is a cold night. And that will be the case tonight with many of us seeing temperatures fall to near 20° tomorrow morning.

We’ll watch an area of low pressure move east from the Plains and it will likely cause some travel trouble on the East Coast on Tuesday. While New England weather is quiet until the late evening, you see here major cities and airport hubs will see impact Tuesday afternoon including Detroit, Charlotte, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and eventually the New York City airports as well.

Then that storm arrives to New England late in the evening and overnight. With chilly air, we’ll bring the “s” word back to the forecast. Snow! Ski resorts are happy as it looks to remain snow through much of the day on Wednesday. In Southern New England it will snow overnight in the high terrain, but will flip over to rain for the day on Wednesday.

Snow will likely start (rain elsewhere) around 10-11pm Tuesday night. It will stay snow for several hours overnight, but only in the high terrain. Elsewhere it is all about the rain. Outside of 495 will likely see a coating of snow, but by the time you step out the door early Wednesday morning, it will flip over to rain and you probably won’t even wake up to a coating as the rain washes it away. While slower to make the transition, higher terrain will also flip over to rain later Wednesday morning. So while we have a snow map, it is a lot more about the rain and wind locally than the snow.

Rain amounts will be pretty impressive with many areas picking up an inch or so of water. Wednesday is a washout and it’s also windy. Wind gusts especially on the South Shore and Cape will gust close to 50 mph at times Wednesday.

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