11 Items The Property Brothers Think Every House Should Have

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Surrounding yourself with what you love, and choosing colors and decor that make you feel good, is a must-have according to the Property Brothers. “No home is complete without the perfect vibe,” Jonathan tells Realtor.com. Drew adds, It’s really nice when you walk into a space and the moment you walk in, you see the personality of the people who live there — that’s what I love. I mean, if you have that little bit of glam or that little classic style, and that’s what you see when you walk into that space, it’s perfect.” 

Getting to know your personal style is the first step to making sure your home aligns with what you love. Start by noticing what you really gravitate toward, including colors and brands. Then, create a mood board with images you love, which will help you define your style. It will also give you a visual reference for making design decisions like paint colors and furniture purchases. Apps like Pinterest make the process easy and will give you tons of inspiration. 

Once you’ve created a base for your decor, it’s time to add unique items to express your personal style.  Visiting local art shows and maker’s markets is a great way to source unique pieces that speak to you. You can also inject your personality into a space with framed family photos, your collection of vacation souvenirs, and artfully displayed heirlooms.

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