Arrachera Is A Different Cut Of Steak Depending On Who You Ask

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As a common carne asada enjoyed at family barbecues, arrachera is often enjoyed fresh off the grill with a squeeze of lime juice and a few charred green onions or chives. It has many applications in more formal Mexican dishes, too. One of the most popular and well-known dishes featuring arrachera is an order of sizzling fajitas, a fan favorite at any Tex-Mex restaurant.

For more authentic Mexican dishes, arrachera makes a decadent filling for burritos, quesadillas, tortas, and tacos. It would also make for a delicious addition to a plate of loaded nachos. You can make it the star of the show by slicing it into thicker strips and serving it on a plate with a side of fresh tortillas. Its intense umami richness and smoky notes from the grill pair well with a mild white cheese like Oaxaca, savory black or charro beans, and a dipping or drizzling sauce like a diced jalapeño chimichurri or a sweet and spicy chipotle.

You can use a marinade or dry rub to season arrachera. Because skirt steak is thin and highly marbled, it runs the risk of drying out and toughening on the grill or flat top. Marinating it will tenderize and enhance its flavor, ensuring that you get a succulent bite of steak whether you’re eating it with a fork or stuffed inside a burrito.

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