Bills Lineman Takes Shots At ‘Disrespectful’ Jets After Tunnel Scrap

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Tensions rose between the Jets and the Bills during Sunday’s game at Highmark Stadium, and they didn’t lower back down once the final whistle sounded.

Dion Dawkins and Michael Clemons got into it in the tunnel after Buffalo’s blowout win over New York. The two were at the center of a chippy fourth-quarter sequence where Dawkins was penalized for unnecessary roughness for excessively blocking Clemons after a play was over. But the tunnel scene appeared to be ignited by Clemons, who can be seen barking at Dawkins as the two walked up the ramp.

Once the dust settled, the Buffalo offensive tackle made his thoughts about New York abundantly clear.

“I’m not a fan, man — I’m not a fan of the Jets,” Dawkins told reporters, per ESPN. “Very disrespectful players. It’s what it is, and when we can run and pass and beat a team like that, cool. Thumbs up.”

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Asked to explain what inspired the Jets’ noticeable frustration Sunday, Dawkins replied, “It’s probably anger. A little bit of, a lotta bit of emotions. Like, there’s a lot of emotional guys over there, very emotional guys. Even their D-line coach — very emotional, unmanly. So, very emotional guy.”

Unfortunately for football fans looking for more theatrics, the Jets and the Bills won’t meet again this season. Both AFC East teams might not end up in the playoffs either, as they each enter Week 12 outside of the conference’s postseason picture.

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